By jellyybean - 05/09/2011 17:05 - United States

Today, I asked my boyfriend why he didn't believe in marriage. His response was, "I believe in marriage. Just not marriage with you." FML
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time for a new boyfriend

Vash_41288 10

On the bright side at least he was honest, now you can probably see how far that can go.


isminei 6

Ouch. Sorry, OP

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Being straightforward with people is usually the best thing to do, but this is definitely a little harsh.

Well now she can tell him she believes in sex, just not with him...

Don't you mean ex boyfriend?

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yet another epic way of breaking off a relationship on FML. tune in next time, folks!

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It's ok OP he's probably waiting for Kentucky to pass the gay marriage ban too. Maybe you can be the flower girl to his wedding. He asked me to give him away...

Nahh, in Kentucky he's probably waiting for horse marriage to be legalized. I've heard Sea Biscuit makes a mean sammich.

enonymous 8

30 - that mother ****** made me horse apples once. It tasted like shit!!

I predict your relation is going to go nowhere.

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-3, are you 11?


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this one doesnt say FML at the ens

"I believe in blow-jobs. Just not blow-jobs with you."

OP got owned

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114 - I don't know what "ens" is, but it does at the end.

#114 Yes it does

time for a new boyfriend

You only get boyfriends to marry them later on? Fag.

Because he doesn't want to marry her? That's stupid.

Yea, why would you stay with someone who doesn't potentially wanna marry you? Obviously both people are in different stages of their lives. Find someone who does care and want to marry you.

Just because he doesn't want to marry her doesn't mean he doesn't care. Did you want to marry every person you were in a relationship with?

Jammy01jams 2

44 - no and when I realized that I ended the relationship. What the point of putting datin into a girl and guy friendship if you don't want to spend your life with then. The whole point of dating is to find a suitable mate that you respect and respects you back enough to get married. Well that's unless you think of dating in today's terms where it lasts 6 months tops and is just a way for people to get sex. But whatever I am old fashioned.

marriage is stupid constructions ruin everything marriage will turn a honest man into a cheater I'd rather die Aline than put up with a phyla paranoid wife which 90% turn in to

chester75 5

44 nobody wants to be in a dead end relationship. do you want OP to stay with him a couple more years, and then find out that he met a girl he actually wanted to marry. just end it now so you won't be disappointed later, when you realize you wasted all this time trying to convince someone who didn't want to be convinced.

Exactly what 56 said, ya I realized I didn't wanna marry them after the relationship ended, but every guy I'm gonna date, I think of as a possible candidate to be my husband, I dont just go out with people to waste time, I guess I'm also one of the few old fashioned people.

56 - right on man. I'm old fashioned too. I wouldn't have it any other way

#57 maybe that's why your "aline"

Christ, I'm glad I saw this. I was beginning to think the world consisted of only **** monkey shit heads that just want sex. But I was wrong and the world is a little bit less screwed up than I previously thought. Yay!!! :D

Life Rule #1: NEVER date someone you would not marry.

I always thought the world was full of shit **** assholes who care about ******* chicks and that's it. Im glad people like 56 are here, I agree with you dude.

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Society's improving it seems.

bitchslapped22 14

82 That is an awful life rule! I say if both sides of the relationship agree that they just want to have some fun and date not too seriously and don't want marriage then leave them to it.

Marriage isn't the be all, end all, of all relationships. It's NOT required to be with someone. It's a social construct for which individuals and couples have created their own ideas and feelings. if there are people who never want to marry, so be it. It doesn't transform them into scumbags who only want sex. As long as it's mutual, stop giving a ****. Honestly, a lot of you sound like teenagers.

Oh, I'm such a horrible woman because I think women should be in relationships without marriage. Do you not realize you can love and be in love with someone without having to buy an expensive ring, dress, chapel or pay a courthouse so I can get a piece of paper saying I have to be with the same person, and if we want to get out of it, we have to buy expensive lawyers?

Who says you have to spend a ton of money to get married? I know people who are married and dont wear rings and didn't spend thousands on parents got married at a courthouse. I respect your opinion, we all have our own. So I dont wanna judge what you think, I gotta remember everyone thinks differently

Wait, let me guess. Your parents are divorced, your dad cheated and your mom is now "phyla paranoid"?

Jammy01jams 2

118 - nobody ever said someone was horrible for thinking that. It simply should be the way you think, but don't date a guy that expects to get married one day and thinks you may be the one. You will crush him. What I said about relationships being temporary and mostly for sex, refers to a lot, but not all of the people out there. There are still a few good people out there. They are rare. If marriage is done properly it should and will be a happier way of living. Studies have shown that married couple live longer and are happier. Most marriages today end because people think once they get married they can stop taking care of themselves and be assholes because they aren't looking to date. The people change and forget why they wanted to spend time together. Again this does not cover everybody, there is a wide selection of different opinions and personalities. This is my opinion.

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Uh 57.... Actually I dont even know what to say to that... You're a douche

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40- the whole point of dating is finding someone who will want to spend the rest of their life with you.

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On the bright side at least he was honest, now you can probably see how far that can go.

Agreed. And the answer to that is absolutely nowhere.

It's not that bad there's no point to marriage anyway

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yes it is!

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And this is what's wrong with the world today folks.

No, there is not. Did OP really want to marry him anyway? I doubt it.

!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!! This is a long comment but don't complain I'm not forcing you to read it. There is nothing wrong with people that aren't married There is no point to marriage it is a piece of paper (that most people make incredibly expensive). It often ruins relationships by pressuring them to be the "perfect" couple which inevitably doesn't work out. My parents aren't married and it hasn't turned me into a chav. But most of the sort of people expect not to have married parents were shotgun weddings and really hate each other(normally because they are odious characters). What is wrong with an unmarried couple. Do they drown kittens in boiling water? Because the way society treats them they may as well. As for the splitting up question I know more married couples that have split up than unmarried and they were worse off because of it mainly because if the divorce. Sorry about the tantrum just I feel incredibly strongly about this subject and object strongly to people saying this is what is wrong with this world.

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I agree with you 100%

agree 100% with 47.. especially the part about more divorsees than happy married couples.. people jump into relationships soo quickly these days and it usually ends very badly.. my uncle has been common law with his gf for about 15 years now and they NEVER fight.. I think that they probbly should ge married, their obv gonna be together 4 ever.. I think that marrage is an amazing , unspoken bond.. but siriously, enough of this dating for 6 months and jumping into marrage.. date for a few years first

Tax reasons, genius.

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Nice picture 47!!! But seriously, I agree 100% with what u said

#6 is absolutely right on this, I don't care what anyone else says, but there really isn't any point to marriage, so the women change their last name to the men. And they both get a ring, but really if you live with someone for over 5 years( I think it's 5) then the government will consider you and treat you as if you were married. If you truly love the other person and they truly love you, and you both know that, then there's really no point in getting married.

I can see your point but not all married couples are unhappy or have shotgun weddings. Some people think it's because it's a sin having a child out of wedlock which to me isn't a big deal unless your like 14.

What an ass

Ouch :( breakup time?



You're just gonna divorce him and take all his shit anyways

That's pretty much what happens when men/women rush into marriage like this women tried to do.

who said she tried to rush in? how do you know they weren't dating for several years already?

Time to move on