By iris - 18/05/2012 23:01 - Portugal - Lisbon

Today, I brought my boyfriend home, and I introduced him to my parents. Afterwards, I took him to my room so we could have some "bonding" time. Right as things got pretty intense, I heard my dad yell, "Stop faking, honey." FML
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lkrunner101 7

Why would u do that with ur dad in the house? Ydi

I want to know what kind of parents would let their daughter take her boyfriend up to her room and close the door right after they just met him for the first time.


lkrunner101 7

Why would u do that with ur dad in the house? Ydi

Doesn't matter, had sex.

xblair 11

5 - keep it down or what, you have to atleast respect the presence of your parents

FMLshark 12

5, judging by the FML, OP wasn't doing that "keeping it down" thing all that well.

aruam365 24

Reguardless of if the parents are home or not, in my opinion, it's really disrespectful to have sex in your parents house. It's pretty rude to have sex in anyone else's house, it may be old fashioned but to me, a couple's home seems special or sacred and someone else having sex in that house sort of defiles that sacredness/specialness.

debbster7 18

23 she said they went to her room. As in she still lives with them. How is it rude to have sex in your own home?

You said it yourself, she lives with her parents. So it's pretty clearly NOT her own home.

aruam365 24

Because it isn't HER house even if she lives there, it's her parents property, even if she's a minor she isn't entitled to do whatever the hell she wants in their home. They allow her to live there, and probably expect that they and their house will be treated with respect.

yoursucklives 36

my boyfriend and i both live with out parents and we only see each other on weekends, when our parents also don't have to work. if we would wait 'till nobody's home, we'd both still be virgins.

thatoneguy79 10

15) I think you meant, "Doesn't matter, didn't have sex"

thatoneguy79 10

34) And the problem there would be?

syley 5

To 29 and 30, a home is where you live regardless of ownership but a person's house would be the person who holds the deed. Just thought some correction was in order.

free2speak 14

i agree with #1. But at the same time, if her father knows and doesn't have a problem with it then who's to stop her. Let them be. My question is who are these kids with liberal parents that know that their daughter is having premarital sex AND they're okay with it? I consider my parents to be liberal in the sense that they know I have a boyfriend and they probably also know that I'm not a virgin but I can't imagine inviting my boyfriend over and taking him up to my room... if anything it's be restricted to dinner/talk and then a friendly bye-bye. Not only would I never have sex in my parents house, it would also be extremely awkward and disrespectful on my part.

yoursucklives 36

37) there is no problem with it. but we both want to have sex and my parents would tell me if that was a problem for them. they rather want me to have sex at home than in a car or somewhere else in the public.

God, is it so hard to understand that two people who love eachother wants to have sex? And that those two people might not have the luxury of an house of their own? And that it's way better (more romantic, more hygienic, more private) to have sex in your parents(-in-law) house than in public?

If someone lives with their parents there is nothing wrong with having sex in their house.

Yeah, I don't really get the sex-hating crowd on here. Why wouldn't your parents want you to have sex in a controlled enviroment? Seems better than the sketchy situations you can get into with (semi)-public sex. Don't assume everyone's parents follows the same "not in my backyard"-philosophy. Some care more about maturity than age!

NightAnimal 1

it's about respect. Plain and simple.

yoursucklives 36

yeah but my parents don't think that that's disrespectful. if they'd said: "no sex in our house" i wouldn't have sex in their house. but as i said before, they rather want me to have sex at home than somewhere public.

Ah, NightAnimal, so now you're implying that I nor my boyfriend respect our parents. Little harsh, isn't it? Especially since they allow us to spend the day (and sometimes even the night) in his room with the door closed - if they truely disliked the idea of us having sex in their house, they would forbid that, don't you think? Now, when you're having sex so loud and so obvious that the whole house can hear it, then you're being disrespectful. Otherwise...nah, not in my world.

The problem is that she was about to have sex in her parents' house. But to make it even worse, she did so when her dad was home.

No, 15 said it right! He said it "doesn't matter" because "had sex"

Look, OP was obviously stupid enough (and rude enough) to be loud and obnoxious, flaunting the fact that she's having sex in her parents house. I'm not saying don't do it, just don't be a douche and be obvious about it.

82 did you ever consider that the parents are to embarresed to speak up? I know if i had to say something it'd be hard for me.

GeoffreyPjs 2

If you're living with your parents, youre not old enough to be doing things that people do to BECOME parents.

Oreohugzpenny 4

Wow At least do it when their doing it too!

He did the fatherly thing and broke the mood.

Kids these days seem to not care when or where they get their freak on. Im not a big fan of having sex when my parents are home

Exactly. He probably didn't even hear anything. He was, likely, just trying to make things awkward for OP and he succeeded. Parents do that stuff to prevent "things" from happening. Well, good parents anyway.

I'm just curious... WAS she faking?

thejewishfuhrer 17

I'm sorry but, did anyone else catch that 11's username is biggest fan? Except in his comment he said he's not a fan. Just Something I found funny.

I want to know what kind of parents would let their daughter take her boyfriend up to her room and close the door right after they just met him for the first time.

Not a chance would my parents ever let that happen

thatoneguy79 10

Depending on how old she is, I might. Under 16: not a chance. 16-21: for no more than 5 minutes without checking on them; "I'm sorry honey, but this is obviously not Tommy that was over last week, and I haven't a chance to run the full background check yet, so I have to make sure he's not in here cutting you to pieces or something. Just looking out for you sweetie." 21+: they are visiting for the weekend, I might let it go 20 minutes.

free2speak 14

Thank you! just making sure the world's not changing overnight on me. My parents are pretty liberal but they would flip out if I brought my BF home for the first time and took him to my room and closed the doors. Even though I'm 21, not a chance in the world! if anything my parents might give us 5 minutes outside the door for a kiss... IF they're impressed by my BF.

My parents think I'm a sensible person (whether or not that's true) and trust me in my decisions. Same goes for my bf's parents. First time I was at his place, I slept over (it's quite far away). I slept in his room, door closed. We just put a mattress down on the floor for me to sleep on and he had his own bed.

First time I met the parents of my husband I slept over, in his room, we didn't have sex, but we did do other things.. I slept over there on a monthly basis, his mom said she'd rather have us stay there than off sneaking around getting in trouble.

wtflawl 3

You would check on ur kids 21+? They are pretty much adults by then I think they should have their privacy cause I'm sure u did shit before then lol. But whatever I'm not raising em ur life lol :p

I think this really depends on where you're from. Here in Sweden it would be considered strange if the parents wouldn't let you be together alone in a room.

My boyfriend's parent's have an open door rule, which until recently we had to follow. They now trust us enough to not have sex in their house and let us keep the door closed, which is nice for my allergies since they have two dogs and a cat that I'm allergic too and who love to come visit me at night. I'm 28 and he's 21 but he lives in their house so it's their rules. If we want to have sex we just go to my place. We like it out where he lives better though so we spend more of our time together out there.

They should get out and get their own place

bebekinza 5

you shouldn't do that kind of things around your parents. that's disrespectful, just like you wouldn't like it if you heard your parents getting it on. thats just nasty.

You JUST introduced him to your parents for the first time, then decide to get it on with them in the house?? What are you, like 12??! Seriously the ****?

First of OP is a dumbass for banging her boyfriend in her parents house, the first time they met him, while they were home. Also, this is disturbing, what kind of person could actually sit there and listen to his daughter have sex, and then tell her to stop faking. I know he was trying to be funny but I think it's kind of ****** up. Am I the only one?

6- how many 12 year olds do u know that act like that?

tctheamazing 7
lovebeecharmer 6

Wow that's hugely disrespectful, whether you are 16 or 30. Have some self-control.

Mikeskinner 7

Oh, so our parents have the right to **** when we can hear it but the kids can't... Hm, oxymoron much?

twisted_cherub 14

Your parents have the right to do whatever they want. They make the money, pay the bills and support you. Whatever rules they've laid down are the ones you have to live by until such a time as you can pay your own way. Welcome to life. P.S. Having to work and pay your own bills sucks way more than following a few rules you may think are unfair. Enjoy it while you can.

That is until you realize there are regulations in place set by government and other authority. Even when you get out from under your parents roof, there are still more rules. Welcome to life.

58 - nope, not an oxymoron at all. Just a moron.

NightAnimal 1

You'll get it when you grow up. One day.

anoellem 1

54 needs to back to grade 9 English............... Or, maybe even grade 4 English. Hmm.

lovebeecharmer 6

It's not about rights. It's not polite to **** within earshot of family. Parents don't **** in front of little kids or when teens are next door. Shitty parent you'll be if your morals are that wack.

8 - Even though I disagree with your statement, I thought you would like to know that it is called a double standard, not an oxymoron.

carmenm 6

Is it just me who thinks its super wrong that dad was listening and would comment like he'd know of she was faking wtf , and who does that with thier parents in hearing distance

Reality_bites 14

Im thinking that maybe the walls are paper thin. Im thinking he heard them and decided it was something he would rather not hear. Im thinking that he could have rushed in there and beat the boyfriend up and possibly saw his daughter naked in the process, instead he found a more creative way to make it stop.

1crabbygirl 10

Dads shouldn't be put in that position, I think. In any way shape or form. Plus these two seem so obvious!

mhopper 13

How would he know if you were faking it?!

mhopper 13

So loud= fake? I don't think so! I think if he really wanted to ruin the mood he should have just banged on the door to scare the crap out of them!!!

Lol ydi for being a terrible liar in the first place... Sorry for your parents