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The truth on catfish farms have been spoken?

This comment made my morning, nice job.

Cat burglar?

Hide your squids, hide your alewife!

Oh, the joy of having fur babies.

sounds a little fishy

Thank god I'm allergic

Yeah, I'm allergic to blinds too but it makes great shows for the neighbors!

HahahaHha that's funny poor kitty

well at least it wasnt a robber rolling around in your blinds.

Mine can open doors, so it likes to set of the alarm in the middle of the night. One thing about pets, they sure keep you on your toes.

It wasn't a burglar but the cat defeated that nasty monster hiding in the blinds. You should feel lucky!

Wouldn't it be FMCL Fuck my cats life?

Lmao the cat wont have to pay for new blinds and once its out of there it can go back to licking itself and plotting murders. So i think the cat's life is fine.