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Today, my boyfriend of a year broke up with me because "God told him to." What God didn't tell him was that I would check his e-mail and find all the e-mails to and from his new girlfriend. FML
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Typical, using religion as an excuse for dirty work.

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That's a Really Lame Excuse From Him =(


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That's a Really Lame Excuse From Him =(

So she goes by "God"? But seriously, who cares if you went through his emails. He might care, I guess... but nothing good will come from it. He probably said that so you wouldn't feel as bad (AKA OMG my bf went psycho and then dumped me, I'm glad that relationship ended before he got crazier/I'm glad it's not my fault etc.). It's one of those dumb things people do. Now, if you printed the emails and posted them places that people who knew him would see (and his work, if he had one), that might be some real vengeance. Either way, your boyfriend is a cheating jerk who will probably always cheat. Try to be happy that you're not with a loser like him anymore. Don't key his car. You'll have to pay for it.

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Stop replying to the first post to be seen.

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**** off, people can reply to whatever post they want.

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The point is its a retarded thing to do and I really wish someone in charge would stop it (people have enough ways to label themselves douchebags without us giving them another)

#45: Thumbs down for replying to Post 1 with a message for the OP. With any luck, you will get enough thumbs down that your comment will be hidden.

Thumbs down for bitching about where people post. Go **** Yourself. Who cares?

Yeah, I agree. he could've been at least half-decent and told you the truth!

#1 better than the truth that she is spying on him. good for him for getting out of it.

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WTF???? I know, for one, it would be hard to rape me.... cause she would have to one ugly bitch for me not to let her suck my ****, and if it has a he, hed have to be way more man than my M&P 9mm could handle....

what the actual **** is wrong with you?

Typical, using religion as an excuse for dirty work.

Haha be careful with that can of worms there.

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I don't think that statement is controversial. People have twisted religion to pull the wool over people's eyes since the dawn of religion. In fact, organized religion pretty much began as a way to keep the common people under control, take away their freedom of thought and speech, and steal their money.

You really don't like organized religion, do you DramaKat? On the previous FML you pretty much posted the same thing. Bad experience or something?

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Well, I'm a firm believer in gay rights and anyone who can somehow find something immoral about being gay is stupid. I've met so many people who use bible verses to justify homophobia and it makes me sick. So that's probably the biggest chip on my shoulder about organized religion. Also I've had several people try to tell me I'm going to hell for being a nonbeliever which gets under my skin. I refuse to believe if there is some omniscient being who created everything he would provide no proof and yet expect you to believe in him or else send you to burn for an eternity. That's the sickest thing I've ever heard. I have nightmares about the concept of Hell, it's sickening. An eternity of anything would be unbearable, but an eternity of horrendous pain? Also countless people try to convince me that we'd have no concept of morality without religion. That is so stupid. Morality is just about avoiding needlessly harming others and having love and compassion for fellow living things...Do people honestly believe without religion no one would have come to the conclusion that murder and stealing, etc. are wrong? Furthermore I just think organized religion is a way for people to lie to themselves and convince themselves they will live forever in a way. I think it's sort of cowardly not to face the possibility that when you're dead you're just gone. And its sad that they may be living their whole lives anticipating something that will never happen when they could be enjoying this moment, right now--the only moment that truly exists. Not to mention religious conservatives who contest evolution, which there is no debate about in the scientific community, and impede scientific progress. I'm not saying all religious people are guilty of these crimes. But anyway, I honestly believe the world would be a better place without organized religion. Many others do too, hence the popularity of the John Lennon song "Imagine." I think people should face the beautiful mystery of life, existence, and the universe and embrace not knowing what comes next. Make your own meaning in life.

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It's always sad when people have no faith. How do you live? Maybe it is cowardly to believe in something great after death and not want to face the fact that maybe there really is absolutely nothing. But everyone fears it. I know a lot of people will say they don't but in some way everyone does. People think and worry about it, even you. There are a lot of people who use religion as a sort of weapon, which is wrong. And i do hate those who are just completely blinded by it, and instead of being GOOD people they're actually not. But there are a lot of really good religious people out there, and you shouldn't judge all of them based on the ones who aren't.

I don't get it, DramaKat. Wouldn't you WANT there to be an afterlife? As I stated to you before, I am Mormon and in our religion we don't believe in the fiery Hell which you seem to fear, though you choose not to believe in. Interesting. Anyway, after death we believe that before our judgement day we enter either paradise (for the followers of the Church of Christ) or spiritual prison (where those go who were not baptized/never believed.) (And it's not like a dungeon) And once those in the prison accept God and Jesus they are let into a part of Heaven (the lowest of three dimensions that is not as glorious as the first and second dimensions). There is no burning in Hell. That revelation of afterlife came from the translator of the Book of Mormon and restorer of the Church of Jesus Christ from God. It offers a less black and white concept of the afterlife. You asked me once before why I believe in this Church. I was baptized over a year ago when I was sixteen. I was never brought up to follow the Church, it was something I chose to follow in my teen years. But it's not like I woke up one morning and was like, "Yes, that's great! I believe!" My faith came through prayer, study, and attending church. My testimony is not as strong as most Mormons because I'm still growing as a member, but I have had countless prayers answered since my conversion. Needless to say, I don't think I am lying to myself. To address some of your points: Not every Christian is against gay marriage. But Bible verses do not justify "homophobia". Christians simply believe in a traditional and holy marriage and being gay is considered a non-traditional practice. But again, not every Christian believes this. I know many who don't. There is morality in non-believers. Atheists aren't immoral little demons by any means, just misguided. Lastly, the world is here because of religion.

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oh god dramakat... i can't believe all the replies you got are from religious people who aren't on your side. do they honestly think they're going to convince you or something?


DramaKat is right though. a lot of these uber-religous people are ridiculous. to believe in something so strongly that you believe every word of it in the literal sense is absolutely incredible, when theres no imperical proof of it or any god figure, yet something that has been pretty much been proven as concrete fact like evolution is laughable to them. i ask any of you who believe that god created man and then woman from his rib, does THAT really sound plausable? i always saw the bible as a collection of stories to give us a sort of ethical guideline, not something that was to be taken literally. now, i don't like to generalize, so i wont say all religous people are like this, but there are so many that are, it makes you all look crazy. like fanatical muslims have made muslims as a whole look like bad people. i guess every religion has its varying levels of depth of faith. and, yes, i also feel as though organized religion as a whole impedes humanity from moving forward. remember people, imperical evidence is REAL, faith based evidence is up for interpretation. -YOUR LORD AND MASTER


NOW watch this can o' worms EXPLODE


(BTW I pray at the Church of Lushotology)

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Did I say I was trying to be original? I'm just stating my opinions. I didn't say that no one else has those opinions. It bothers me that otherwise rational people believe in Hell and, hello, why the **** wouldn't it bother me that people are telling me I'm going to burn for an eternity? I don't have to believe it to find it offensive. I'm a good person and it bothers me that people honestly believe I deserve that. It's really common sense that killing and stealing are wrong except in very extenuating circumstances. I'm not going to try to assess the multitude of reasons people do these things, but I'm certain that no one needs religion to tell them these things are immoral. Perhaps some people only care about themselves and just don't CARE about doing the right thing and so they need the fear of hell to scare them into doing the right thing. The scientific community needs government funding and religious conservatives have continually impeded scientific progress. You make me laugh. If you read or watched the news you would know that religious conservatives have opposed stem cell research which has the possibility of curing many diseases.

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I didn't say I don't fear death and nothingness just like everyone else. Perhaps it would be better to believe in something, because if my existence will really just be obliterated I won't know the difference anyway. However, I've just never been able to have blind faith. I could never fully believe in something without proof. But I'm very open-minded to the POSSIBILITY of just about anything. I consider myself spiritual. I'm agnostic. I don't know what lies beyond. I have a very strong moral sense and enjoy being a good person for the simple sake of being a good person. I also specifically said I know not all religious people are guilty of the negative behaviors I pointed out. I know, like, and am friends with many religious people.

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Because people seem so perplexed by my view on Hell I would like to add: As I wrote above, I believe just about anything is POSSIBLE. That doesn't mean I believe it or even think it is likely. That's another reason the concept of Hell bothers me. It's possible Hell exists. It's possible that there is a God and that God is not just (in my concept of justice) and would send me to burn for an eternity for not believing in him. I'm not too hung up on that possibility but you never know...I've also just pondered to myself what I think an afterlife would be like if we truly have souls that live on and there are many frightening and sad possibilities... I truly believe that you have to stay positive to succeed and be happy though so I try to be an optimist. I believe, even if there's no truth to it, religious faith can be commendable in this sense. Faith of some sort is very important. I believe that to a large extent we create our own reality with our thoughts and positive thinking is very powerful. Peace&Love to you all :-)

"may I remind you, evolution is only a theory like gravity, or the shape of the earth" -Clockwork of Origin

Drama is right. I am twelve and whenever the class hears the big bang theory in science class they go full retard on it. Such blind fools. I feel bad for them

#4 that was his nice way of saying I'm dumping your crazy stalker's ass who reads my emails and such. she deserved it. That was not the first time she read his email.

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that sorry....i was trying to help my boyfriend once and found something i didnt want to on his email to #2 who says she is being snoopy? i have actual reasons to get on my boyfriends sometimes...maybe she did to..u dont know whether she did or not

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no. it is NEVER ok to check someone's email without their permission. it's a complete violation of privacy, even if you're suspicious and think you have the right to look for evidence. either he's an idiot for not closing his window/giving you the password, or you're a bitch for hacking it. and **** off to anyone who says otherwise. sorry that he was cheating on you, though. what an asshole.

My ex-wife was stupid enough to not change her e-mail password after she left me - I knew she was cheating, but decided one night while seriously buzzed to log into her account. Turns out she had a letter sent to herself (as in a draft type thing) that was made it very clear she wanted to fully pursue a "real" relationship with the guy she was cheating with...who happened to be a married guy as well. I forwarded it to everyone on her contact list - parents, other relatives, friends, and HIS wife, who had no clue. Talk about the shit hitting the fan. :D

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who said she didnt have permission?? and saw that while she was checking for something else??

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**** off to you too asshole. I have all of my bf's passwords because he doesn't keep anything from me and that's the way it should be.

My wife has my e-mail password, and full permission to go in the if she wants...and this was the case when she was my girlfriend, too. I dunno. If the OP was just snooping to be nasty, or because of a general lack of trust, that would be a crappy thing to do. If it was clear that he was being untrustworthy? The way I see it, if you don't behave with honor, you have no right to expect it from anyone you've slighted.

drama: I have my boyfriend's password, but I don't go checking his emails. This is because I know him well enough to know that there's nothing of any interest to me in there. He wouldn't cheat. I would definitely ask him if I wanted to check his emails for some odd reason. If you ask to see and he says no, there might be something up, but he could just be offended that you don't trust him. Back in highschool, I had a relationship like that, though, where I felt the need to check my now ex-boyfriend's emails and did sometimes (though he did give me his password and tell me I could check originally). It was a REALLY bad relationship. I should have just left him right away, but for some childish reason, I wanted to KNOW who he was messing around with. I never liked the answers. Generally, if you're in a relationship and you feel the NEED to check his email or that it is your RIGHT, it's a bad relationship. Don't tell people to **** off for supporting privacy and respect.

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no, that's NOT the way it's supposed to be. even if you're in a very good relationship, there's still the privacy factor. what people write to you is YOUR business, and what people write to him is HIS business. it's not at all keeping secrets. i have nothing to hide, but i still would never want anyone near my email accounts because, quite simply, it's mine.

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I hardly ever check his either and I do trust him and believe he has no desire to cheat on me. Trust is important but some people are master deceivers and love can blind you. At this point in our relationship I would feel very uncomfortable if he didn't let me check his emails. What do I know? People may give their partner too much privacy and leave themselves vulnerable to get played. You can never be totally certain someone is completely faithful but I like to give my trust based on a little more than faith alone. Every relationship is different; sorry if I was too extreme. My bf and I live together and happen to share everything with each other and that's how we like it. We're both very jealous creatures but this way we're happy because we can have friends of the opposite sex without worrying because we know each other's friends and our conversations with friends aren't hidden from each other.

Are you crazy? Reading someone else's email is a massive invasion of privacy and shows a lack of ability to trust someone else. Besides, you're just being controlling because you secretly fear that you're horribly inferior and not deserving of anyone. But the fact that you don't realise that this behaviour is unacceptable makes me realise, very sadly, why there are so many psychotic women out there. I salute you all.

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Not for nothing, we're mad at her for "snooping" after her boyfriend broke up with her because "God" told him to??? How bout God told HER to check the e-mail because CHEATING is more condonable than checking your cheating boyfriends e-mail. It doesnt say anywhere that she logged into his computer, and then logged into his email and then read everything. Maybe he was e-mailing on HER computer, in which case its free game, u dont want her seeing your love notes to your other woman, dont pull that shit up when your with her. The fact is, HES The one that lied and cheated and then hid behind God as a reason to do it. Maybe shes a snoop, but at least shes not a lying cheating douchbag.

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i can see how you got your name, brilliantbarbie. you must be the smartest person in the world to know for a fact that she has never cheated on him (or anyone) or lied just by reading the post.

#5 not after he dumped her. beforehand yeah I get on there to find something my wife wants from her email but once he dumped her snoopy ass she had no reason. #135 You missed Key word X boyfriend. and who said he cheated he dumped the crazy stalker and got with a girl he liked after they broke up.

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god told him to get a new gf.

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maybe she did it while they were still together.. i mean he should have nothing to hide if he was a good boyfriend.

I can't believe that after you broke up you'd go and check his email. You're a terrible person and you deserve to be dumped. F his life for dating crappy people

no He's probably on gmh for getting out of that . i hope she didn't email new girlfriend and ruin it for him

Sorry, I am going to say you deserve it. Cheer up though, plenty of fish in the sea.