By backtothelaundrettethen - 03/12/2012 11:40 - Germany

Today, I bought some expensive fabric softener since I'm not too keen on my detergent's smell. Only after washing two weeks worth of laundry did I discover that mixed together they realistically mimic the smell of fresh puke. FML
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Why didn't you just ditch the nasty smelling detergent?

So you thought you'd mask the scent of something you don't like with something else? Are you the same guy who hangs 17 pine tree deodorants from your rear-view mirror to cover up the scent of the dead body in your trunk?


Why didn't you just ditch the nasty smelling detergent?

Coz those were limited edition platinum detergents and OP wanted to use it before the world's end.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe the detergent was really good, it just smelled bad.

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OP YDI for not just replacing your detergent and trying to mask up the bad smell. Bad decision in your part.

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Note that OP bought fabric softener, I'm no laundry expert here but as a guess, you use detergent as well as softener. A posh softener probably smells quite nice but might not have the full cleansing prowess of the detergent, thus the need to mix.

Maybe it's cheap, and OP is on a budget.

hobo1235 15

51, yet she can pay for expensive fabric softener?

Personal, I hate the smell of Gain. Especially, that mango/apple one. To me it smells of rotten fruit. **since the OP is masking smells, now is the time for her to Febreze her clean clothes. (:

Misswildsides 22

The Mountain Spring scented Downy smells pretty nice too :O

Sonfang 19

Arm and hammer, no scent, no dye for sensitive skin is the way for me! There is no smells to over power your nose, no dye to irritate the skin!

Tide with April fresh Downy in it and then either a Tide or Gain dryer bar

Lol surprisingly Arm and Hammer is the only detergent that gives me hives

Misswildsides 22

Bad reference to another comment on another FML. To which I commented on.

Your comments have been kinda weak since you changed your profile pic haha.

36- what on earth are you talking about? I made no references here. 39- in your opinion. Or do you just base the quality of my comments by the way it is thumbed? Because I can tell you that I am commenting just as I used to, the variable is the thumbs attributed to my comments.

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Well I commented on another FML that said the exact same comment. Sorry, honestly thought you put that as a reference.

Misswildsides 22

I didn't once say my comments were special. I just said I commented on it.

Everyone is "special," especially in their own way.

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My mother use to say that to me all the time. She is also a compulsive liar.

Mine are too...telling there is no Santa.... She must think I'm an idiot!

Pleonasm, you're comments will always make our day!

Use the snuggles dryer sheets, those smell amazing!

That's cool I was my clothing with a mixture of methanol, corn meal, and goat piss.

31, "*wash" also be careful with methanol it can cause blindness or even death.

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Okay..why would you mix them if one has a bad smell, and how did it take you two weeks to realize that the combination of the two smells worse? This is unusual.

It didn't take two weeks, it was two weeks worth of laundry. But I agree, if one smells bad, you can't just cover it up.

It didn't take 2 weeks for her to notice. It was 2 weeks of dirty clothes that she decided to wash with the detergent & new fabric softener. She barely found out after washing the load.

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My reading skills are going down the drain...god the humility :(

perdix 29

Hang your clothes out to dry so they take on the smell of stale puke. Problem solved!

You idiot! Everybody knows that the scents shit and burp clash in laundry! Next time get Burned rubber scent with wet dog. It's just as good as Axe! (Results may vary)

Well nothing gets someone's attention like the smell of fresh puke in the morning... Or anytime of the day actually.

You're stuck rewashing now. Change detergent.