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By Anonymous - 07/11/2021 08:01

Today, I’m married to a man who thought Trump had several good ideas but just went about it the wrong way, but he’s sure he’ll do better next time when he takes the White House back from Biden. FML
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redbandit0315 1

You’ve got a smart husband

Hand your husband divorce papers and say, "You're fired."


Honestly it sucks to find out your partner has backwards mentality this late in life! Nothing about Trump makes sense! Sucks to be you OP

therealtruman 9

Oh yes, Biden is doing so well for your country.

Considering the shit show he inherited and the cult-like mindset of most of the GOP, Biden is actually doing rather decently. So far he's managed to pass several massive packages that will help boost growth, overall economic activity, and improve the lives of 10s of millions of Americans. Compare that to Trump wasting billions on his useless wall, handing out $2 trillion to the super wealthy and large corporations with his tax break plan. All he ever did was ride the tide of economic growth that Obama left him, and squander all of it over his management (or rather, absolute lack thereof) of Covid. So yes, Biden's doing ok, but Americans are more interested in dog-whistles and race-baiting from the GOP & Fox.

And1 12

Hold onto him, you got a good’un!

Hand your husband divorce papers and say, "You're fired."

Wadlaen 23

Well, I wish you the best of luck in your marriage!😅

redbandit0315 1

You’ve got a smart husband

tc201002 11

Rather have mean tweets than someone who can barely put a sentence together. But that’s just my opinion