By notyouraverageteenager - 10/06/2010 07:06 - Australia

Today, I bought an expensive dress because it was me and my boyfriend's one year anniversary, and he was taking me somewhere nice. When he saw me in the dress, he looked at me, laughed and said, "Seriously, what are you wearing?" FML
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afallingstar 22

just how ugly was this dress? sometimes $$$$$ does not mean quality.

boatkicker 4

So it was an expensive ugly dress? Did you really think the price tag made it better? Most people will recognize ugly for being ugly, and a cute dress for being cute. Few people will recognize expensive for being expensive.


iamchuck 0

Just because something costs a lot doesn't mean it looks nice.

nosajb23_fml 0

ydi for having bad grammar. Now get back in the kitchen.

littlemissdqgirl 8

I agree with 5 and 7. Some of my best looking outfits were really cheep. you don't have to spend a lot to look good.

NzxtZ06 0

in soviet Russia, ugly dress wear you.

Awe I feel bad, I know how it is to try and look really nice and special, men just don't always understand that. Doesn't matter what she spent I think the point is she tried to make it special and he ruined it. FYL OP

zakkyzebra 11

#20 she deserves it. if the guy really likes her she doesn't have to try and impress him

why don't you wear a cute skirt and a nice top? or a jc penny's dress. they've got cute dresses.

Agree with 20 and in response to 21, she may not neccesarily just be trying to impress him. It was a special night and dressing up for it meant a lot to her. And the other thing is, not every couple will do things the same. There's probably couples on there that were watching tv or doing laundry on their anniversary, and perhaps are fine with that. And response to several others, maybe it was a $20 dress and her boyfriend showed up in cutoffs and a muscle shirt. Just sayin.

op idiot and #33 lmfao hahahahahhaha only word to describe your picture is "gay!"

38- besides their bikinis and dresses, I conur. hot topic all the way for me. 60- liek roflolmao. ur liek soooooooo funnay! omg I liek can't believe it! lol. ^I was kidding with that. I'm not a lesbian. I'm straight. cool snakebites though. getting the other side of my lip done soon.

Dustyboi 0

What an extremely reasonable comment. :P I agree though, Jc Penny dresses are cute. (:

time to be a grammah Nazi!!!! :) It's "my boyfriend and I" not "me and my boyfriend" lol it's fun bein a grammah Nazi :)

Anaxes 5

Don't waste money on one occasion dresses. Most men don't care.

rauj13 0

"Me and 'other person'" is generally accepted as correct. Language evolves. The same can be said of "split infinitives" and ending a sentence with a preposition. The rules change.

I think if he's going to be that way, he should take you out and buy you an outfit he thinks u look great in. next time he gets naked infront of you, just burst out laughing.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

FYL for having a bad fashion sense ;P

FreshSalad 1

2 is that a Seattle Mariners hat you're wearing?

TaylorTotsYumm 10
FreshSalad 1

Nice! Love me some mariners even know they suck this year and Griffey retired cry cry

FreshSalad 1
TaylorTotsYumm 10

Griffey is my favorite player everrr. Shame he's retiring :(

FreshSalad 1

Yeah, the only game I went to in the Kingdome he hit a homerun! It was awesome! My favorite player ever for the mariners was John Olerud

Oo remember when he got hit in the head? xP

rockyraccoon28 8

haha. YDI for buying a new dress. should have just worn one you know he likes.

nightELFassasin6 0

agreed I don't get why girls never wear the same dress twice it makes me mad if u have a nice dress there's nothing wrong with wearing it more than once and saving the money for something important

maybe she didn't have any dresses noc enough for the place, maybe she hasn't bought a new one in years?

nightELFassasin6 0

maybe ur a fag maybe she has plenty maybe she dosent need 50 maybe u should go **** yourself

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margo898 0

thats gotta suck dont listen to him

afallingstar 22

just how ugly was this dress? sometimes $$$$$ does not mean quality.

tell him to pick it out himself next time, cause if he bitches again your gonna kick him the nuts!!