By safetyfirst - Taiwan

Gift for you

  Today, I decided to buy my Chinese Studies professor a gift from Taiwan. So I bought her a mini-Taiwanese passport that said "Republic of China" on it. As it turns out, it was actually a two-pack of travel condoms. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

She was probably disappointed that all you offered her were mini-condoms. Doesn't say much about what you're packing.

Next time, visit Texas and bring her back some of our local condoms. You may not live up to that "everything's bigger in Texas" slogan, but it pays to advertise ;)

  tengrich  |  1

it's totally possible... I'm from Taiwan and yes we do hav millions styles of condom disguise so that it's not awkward getting busted by conservative Asian parents. passport is just one of them... but YDI for not noticing=.= they sell it in a CONDOM store=.=

  the_pan1c  |  5

i lived in canada my entire life and constantly use eh and am never offended when people make fun of us for it because i couldnt careless and in my case, its true :)

  wg4r5g5hh  |  4

very nice magazine

  cmac86  |  23

yeah I was gonna say I'm from the deep south of the united states, and I think it's only natural people will say "eh" occasionally to try to invoke a response from someone.

I think I'm right, eh?

  guckylynn  |  19

It's like 160 said, it's a thing to ensure the person you're speaking to is listening. It's like telling you the speaker expects a response. I hear it a lot in upper Michigan.

  JayColt  |  0

89 - the genes you squire from your parents are what determines your size, not our race. Many people say that Asians have small penises because they need a race to pick on to make themselves feel better about themselves. They also assume they're small because Asians aren't usually that big in body size so they assume that's the also goes for penis size. Besides, if your partner really likes you for who you are they wouldn't care. By the way your probably small as a tic tac anyways you homo.

  Starhling  |  0

It could be the other way around. She be giving HIM a gift if he uses them, considering he couldn't tell that the so called "passport" was a condom?

  Giorgio272  |  2

I believe my statement is more a compliment if anything. but seriously. strip down to your undies. pit on the goku ghetto suit. dye your hair bright blonde but have a brown wig over the top and go super sayen on peoples asses. I'd pay to see that.

  ohsnapp823  |  0

ya how did you not notice? I mean unless you've never seen condoms before..which is pretty sad:/ hahaha

I think 7 has nice people, back off, I'm sure your hair sucks.