By cartrouble - 25/11/2010 03:52 - United States

Today, my car broke down. My boyfriend, who is not too handy, insisted on fixing it. He called me outside and said he was done and started the engine. Moments after rejoicing, it burst into flames. FML
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FFML_314 11

Smores anyone?

bamagrl410 31

If he's "not too handy", why didn't you insist he NOT try to fix it? I hope you have some good insurance lol.


woww. that would suck

VinegarStrokes 0


Make him sit on it.

iSitt 0

he's been listening to CarTalk

MrsLender_fml 3

ya tozhe!

just imagine the look on his face after the engine went up in flames :P

nextXbrucelee 0

I'm sure he stopped rejoicing after that

ithappens232 0

damn that's sucks, grade A mechanic. oh yea, FIRST!!

xFalzz 0

Excellent job.

wow. you are an idiot.

Darko21 5

First to look stupid!

lmao wow 2 you really do fail, twice XD

2nd it's like being the 1st loser no? lol

haha beaten by a second

u look like Justin beiber

KingDingALing 9

I fucking HATE Justin Bieber...>:(

you don't look like Justin bieber but that's good cause hes ugly

SmellMyCheese 1

it happens

Sorry, you're actually second. Better luck next time!

Gah, that's horrible... :(

bamagrl410 31

If he's "not too handy", why didn't you insist he NOT try to fix it? I hope you have some good insurance lol.

Seems to have done at least an equal job of any mechanic.

"Well, the car's already broken down, so there really isn't anything he can do to make it much worsOH MY GOD!! MY CAR!! YOU EXPLODED MY FUCKING CAR!! What the hell is wrong with you?! AAAAHHHH!"

FFML_314 11

Smores anyone?

green_eyes124 0

Yes, please! My favorite!

mathew17986g 2

uuuuh time for a new car?

nah, they should ride unicycles

SmellMyCheese 1

yep. it's much more efficient. I've just installed nitrous and ceramic brakes in mine. I get to work in no more than 13 hours

C6Racer 0

Looks like somebody forgot to tighten the fuel line.

Dont trust someone like thay next time haha. FYL

why thank you for correcting me.

fantasticfin likes justin beiber

piepieburger 0

there's nothing quite like the smell of a burning Toyota camry.

how u know what type of care she has?

piepieburger 0

because I creep on her everyday. jk I just said the first kind of car that came to my mind

There's nothing like the smell of BULLSHIT! Why do fake post get posted?

kingsley23 0

Icarly status

btnhdude 0

fuck icarly

KingDingALing 9

Ok, what time?

kingsley23 0

ok if u like acting cool on fml that's fine but I was just referring to how a lot of things catch on fire in that show