By Itstinksinhere
Today, my husband thought it was the best idea ever to clean the cat's litter box with the brand new vacuum cleaner instead of tipping it into a bin bag. My house now fills with the smell of warm cat piss every time I hoover. FML
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  alycion  |  38

Doesn’t always work. Been there myself. Cleaning everything with white vinegar helped a lot. That can get the smell of cat piss out of anything.

By  tenniemo  |  19

Replace the filter. Take apart what you can and soak the bin in hot water/vinegar (vodka also works to get the smell out)

If you can replace the filter then soak it in that cleaning mixture too. Let it all air dry outside! Hopefully it works out


Clean every part of the vaccy with an enzyme cleaner; the head, hose, dust compartment: just anywhere it was possible for cat litter to touch- look out for components that need to be unscrewed to clean properly (i have a couple of sneaky ones in my own vacuum) and replace the filters. Air dry then wipe over with vinegar/disinfectant and air dry again. If there's still a smell after you clean it, suck up a box of bicarb, let it sit for 24 hours and clean it all over again.