Almost made it

By strugglingartist - 26/01/2013 06:14 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I came home to find two letters from a publishing house that I'd submitted my manuscript to. The first was congratulatory, stating that my book had been accepted for publishing. The second was apologetic, stating that the first letter had been intended for someone else. FML
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Tristyxxx 24

Youre published here ^_^

Just wait til they get a message saying that they gpt the wrong FML and take this one down.


Tristyxxx 24

Youre published here ^_^

Just wait til they get a message saying that they gpt the wrong FML and take this one down.

Dang imagine how depressed OP would be...poor guy getting a book unpublished is bad, but getting a published FML taken down is just heartbreaking.

Wow, how does a screw up like that happen?

AbstraktThoughts 13

It kinda reminds me about the UC system **** up here in Cali a couple of years ago, where they sent out acceptance letters to the students who were rejected. :(

That's really irresponsible of them to accidentally send the first one. Getting published is hard though, keep trying!

I agree, keep trying!

At least you have written a book, well done! Probably only about 1% of all people will write a book in their life time. Publish it online. Good luck!!

I bet the douchebag that sends those letters is laughing his ass off right now. Doing that is probably the only thing keeping his sad, pathetic life worth living.

Epikouros 31

It takes one to know one, I guess. But no, publishers don't enjoy reading hundreds of badly written, boring manuscripts every week.

Just imagine all of the poorly written erotic vampire fiction they get sent in... I don't mind the genre, but every 13 year old scene girl from San Fransisco to London thinks they can write it.

PrussiaisAwesome 15

They can write it. You must admit it is the same quality as Twilight. Though just because they can write it does not mean we can bear to read it.

Keep trying this failure might motivate you for success

Oh my, I'm so sorry. Too bad you didn't read the letters the other way round. When one is as joyful as you probably were after reading letter number one, the let down and disappointment must have been twice as bad :-(

Aww keep trying OP!! That happens to a lot of authors!

Not the part about getting 2 letters but being rejected. Lol

You can always publish on with amazon. Your book will get published (even if just as an ebook) and you'll get 70 percent of profits.

I'm in the process of writing a book and my author friend is proof reading my manuscript. I'm going to use to publish it.

Just keep trying!

At least you have that joyous moment for few minutes. Imagine if you'd opened them in a different order.

OP wouldn't have been let down so hard had he opened the rejection first. Instead he got his hopes up and then crushed.