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Today, I was working alone in the office with my brother. He's run out of work to do, so has been singing Disney songs loudly and badly, throwing stationery at me, and just now snuck up on me from behind and wrapped duct tape round my face. It's just us in the office next week. FML
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Next week finish your work twice as fast and start singing rebecca black songs, throwing scissors at him and wrapping him in cling film.

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Sounds like the guys who have the Catalina Wine Mixer each year(can't remember the name of the company). They're super douche lords who would do this kind of shit.

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It's better then having to work alone and be bored and lonely

That sucks....disney songs are catchy as ****

Quit being such a hard-ass and have a little fun. Geesh.

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Man, that would be so fun!! What are you complaining about?

Original Poster Dont be thumbs down the guy, we were all new once

-52 Are you saying you're not new? Also, how do make post?

16- yeah.... you and your bio remind me a lot of one of those conceded douches your talking about..... can't quite put my finger on why though..... hmmmmmm......

52- And yet, there's this thing called "Google". It's so that we can look stuff up and not look like an idiot. It's pretty cool, actually.

16 - step brothers. Brennan and Derek Huff. Get it right.

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That's how stapler fights get started.

It could be worse OP, your brother could be like my 16 year old one and have a obsession with Dragon Ball Z and watch it all day at high volume.

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That does sound like an okay setup indeed! Good thinking.

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What? Pizza! no, k then bye....

Hey just want to say your really beautiful :)

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Why do you think she is beautiful? Because she has fake boobs?

Next week finish your work twice as fast and start singing rebecca black songs, throwing scissors at him and wrapping him in cling film.

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Duct tape him to the ceiling. It may require the help of several of your friends but it can be done

Get biblical. Nail him to a couple of 2 by 4's

Nails and 2 by 4s are not part of an everyday office supply...

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when he's in the bathroom, walk in on him when his pants are down and wrap duck tape on his pubes.

can someone remove this comment, its utterly disgusting and unnessesary

wut kind of dumbass would say that when i have over a 100 comments

well what kind of dumbass would have the stone balls to ask the admins to remove an innocuous comment? though I believe nerdfighteria meant to say "you must be mentally retarded if you think anyone would find you funny"

no one SAID it was funny, doesn't mean it'll get removed just because it didn't make you laugh, moron. if all stupid comments got removed, your comment count would probably be 0

Alright then, asshole, I was asking* for it to be removed. Obviously that was hilarious to you because your defending it and being such a ******** to try and fight me about asking* for the removal. I can give two ***** if it does or not and I dont need the commentary of you or anyone else.

too bad. say/ask something stupid, reap the consequences. if you don't want the commentary, then next time just shut your mouth, yeah?

#48 I agree that your comment is disgusting and unnecessary, so I thumbed it down one more time and now it's gone, just like you requested. However, it might be more efficient if you don't post stupid stuff in the first place.

What a coincidence. I think he is funny shit too!

The perfect ending to this conflict.

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OMG I wish I could like your comment a thousand times!! I think I love you lol!!!! THUMBS UPx100000000000000

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that was meant for #83 lol. also I thumbed down oblivion's last comment and cuz of me, its burrito!! oops I meant *buried haha

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Damn, it's Kenny from The Challenge.

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78- you took the words right out of my mouth!!

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Give him a hot Carl (look it up in urban dictionary)

I have to use urban dictionary to learn slang to try to make people think I'm funny too... :P