By Extravirgin - 16/12/2014 12:01 - Germany - Munich

Today, I blew my load in less than a minute. I wasn't having sex or even making out. I was spooning. FML
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Excited much?

incoherentrmblr 21

Well... you ejaculated quickly...

Easy cum, easy go

tony1891 22

reminds me of the scene from American pie. atta boy jimbo!

Reminds me of that scene from Don Jon


Well this ejaculated quickly... Escalated I mean

MrFluff 9

You suck!.. Ya jackass!

Dude, too spoon.

Is that a Happy Gilmore reference?? :D

Spooning leads to forking. Edit: Welshite , you beat me to it.

That's knife of you to give me credit. Thanks!

@devildog562 Hahaha his name makes it sound like you said: "well shit, you beat me to it" unless I pronounced your username wrong @welshite

With such a silver tongue like yours, I'm sure I'll hear from you spoon.

#14 I was attempting to use it as a synonym.

Spooning leads to forking: use condiments.

MrFluff 9

Is there not sporking?

muis545 21

You probably masturbate a lot, don't you?

hamrtym 15

actually not enough

Like Mad Eye Moody says, "Constant viligance."

muis545 21

You probably masturbate a lot, don't you?

tony1891 22

you Probably masturbate a lot, don't you? third times the charm....right?

Never go out with a loaded gun! It's dangerous for everyone.

The fact that he came fast implies that either he doesn't masturbate often or he didn't do it recently.

I'd suggest vigorous beating of the salami before you guys have sex to prevent yourself from submitting another FML about how you busted when she put a condom on you.

ChristianH39 30

"vigorous beating of the salami" almost made me dribble coffee on myself laughing

lilchica22001 22

Premature coffee dribbling @ #45

Practice makes perfect. :)

I dont think he wanted to blow his load in a minute? Why would he practise that

Reload and try again.

Eliseopwns 22

... Bless your partner's soul.