By gassygirlfriend - 10/05/2015 08:40 - United States - Nampa

Today, I was spooning with my girlfriend. She fell asleep and spent the next 15 minutes farting on me. FML
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If that isn't romance I don't know what is.

You can even smell the dedication that OP transpired. It's cute!

i agree #1 ... plus on facebook i saw a thing where smelling farts cure cancer ... she is saving his life lol

Did my bf write this? Because supposedly I do this to him lol

I think most women do. My gf used to fall asleep on my couch, and my roommate and I would laugh out loud every time she blasted off.

that's love in the air

Well, isn't that cute

That is the antithesis of cute

You are the antithesis of fun at parties #80

Op might need that mask in your profile picture!

Don't worry about that. Years from now, you'll look back on it and have a good laugh!

She's got ya gassed up.

And you didn't move because...?

He was being a gentleman.

Being a gentleman is moving and not waking her. However having great fun at her expense later on is required.

He should have plugged that hole with something

it's not really like they can control it. I just move and then make fun of my boyfriend the next morning when that happens. just laugh about it later!

cute and gross at the same time. should've carefully moved bro

True love hommie.

nonsensical 26

Did those vibrations from her ass against your manhood have any erotic effect on you? Just curious. (You did last 15 minutes...)

There was actually an FML about a guy who came when his girlfriend farted while sitting on his lap some time ago.

nonsensical 26

I never kid.