By Heyjai - 16/12/2014 14:31 - United States - Westwood

Today, I asked my spouse to help me apply some hemorrhoid relief cream, since I couldn't see what was going on down there clearly. Next time, I hope I'll remember if I'm still in a conference call with my online classmates so they don't witness the whole thing again. FML
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Heyjai tells us more.

Hi everyone, OP here. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Just to clarify my "brilliance" in getting into this was my first day of a virtual class so I had configured the camera and mic to work about an hour before class started, and thought I had muted both...but apparently had not done these properly. The hemorrhoids was particularly painful that day, and I didn't know if everything was ok down there, which is why I asked for spousal assistance before they left for work. i used the bed as it was easier to prop up on that than any surface in the bathroom. apparently several other students thought to set up their computers early too. just my luck. I won't be making THIS mistake anytime soon...

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You're educating them by giving them real-life practical scenarios.

shit man, how do you forget something like that? were you conference calling in the bathroom? id want that to be super private


You're educating them by giving them real-life practical scenarios.

It's live medical training. Some people pay hostess of thousands of dollars for that kind of real time training.

Exactly. She should request payment for services rendered.

Doh hundreds * of thousands of dollars.

In words of master Yoda, stupid you are, breed you shall not!, stop.


This terrible comment is made even more terrible by the fact that this FML has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars or anything related to it.

Llama_Face89 33

I don't remember this quote from the movies...

That's because it was one of the deleted scenes.

JadeWinter 16

This reminds me of when Will starts speaking in a Yoda voice to be funny to the girl he likes on the show The Inbetweeners. I cringed then, and I'm cringing now.

shit man, how do you forget something like that? were you conference calling in the bathroom? id want that to be super private

My question is, why are you doing that in your room, not in your bathroom? Also, how does one forget they're in a group chat?

One of my friends just got cheating on tests (possibly finals but idk) because she was in a group chat and her phone kept going off in class. I know this isn't related so down vote me already.

Why even comment?

sounds m-bare-assing

Forced… but I like it. Gave me a giggle.

I do not see how people forget this stuff.

Oh that is just horrendous on everyones account. Feveryonelife

Feveryone'slife* But yeah that's a lose-lose situation

That's true love if he's willing to apply that type of cream. Butt unless you're unable to wipe your own booty, why couldn't you have done it yourself?

In case you missed a bit or whatever, you try applying cream where you can't see.

toowie_fml 20

Couldn't they have just used a mirror?

I agree, one should just know where to find it without seeing, well unless they're so obese they can't reach.

Lct1196 31

Problem is that using a mirror lacks the intimacy that one could achieve by feeling another human rubbing cream on his/her ass.

I'd say this is less "F your life", and more "F your life, as well as their lives". No one gets out of this unscathed.

I'm trying to understand how you don't realize your on a conference call. Did you just leave the computer or device on the bed and just decided to drop your pants? Anyways free show for all those involved. Life goes on.