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Today, I was babysitting a 7 year-old brat. He refused to eat his vegetables, so I forbade him from playing until they were finished. He stomped off upstairs, so I let him cool off for a couple of minutes. When I went upstairs, he had taken scissors to all of his mother's clothes. FML
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I hope that kid gets a good ass slapin from his parents

Oh wow. That sucks. For his mom especially.


robbydoherty 0

I hope that kid gets a good ass slapin from his parents

The kid deserves it, the ol' wooden paddle as my dad would threaten me with

I got a wooden spoon or leather belt :/

A few minutes, blimey, is he Edward Scissorhands!

MissHayleyJames 7

My husband's parents had the paddle for him and his brothers but my parents had the belt. It's a shame so many parents are against spanking these days. It would fix so many problems. Good to know the government won't see in my house so I can raise my kids properly.

Well, it's not your fault. Its the kids fault and subsequently, that means the parents have to take full blame for the situation. It's not like you were just neglecting him and he went upstairs and cut her clothes up out of boredom.

I've heard that if you spank a child with a unused hot glue stick, it doesn't leave marks. :O I was never spanked as a child. But do feel spanking depends on that child. Parents need to find what works best for each and ever child. I apparently didn't need it. Phew! (: Lol

A disgustingly violent bunch we have 'round, eh? Mmm.

Notime4bull 4

What was really fun is when your parents made you choose and retrieve the item you will get spanked with. Ah childhood. Lol

Lol a child going and getting a foam pool noodle"no son, go get something that will hurt more";)

CondomSense 4

I would beat that child until he couldn't walk, then break his fingers.

Switch or belt? "son go pick out a switch so I can whip your sister" -picks out really good switch with troll face- -I get whipped- why?!?!

forget the paddle, belt or anything else parents would just grab the closest thing to them. -__-

I think parents aren't aloud to discipline their children properly these days, if you spank your kid in public you get dirty looks and accused of child abuse. Well i tell you now I got my mums horse whip or my fathers firm hand across the back of my legs and it taught me not to do it again!

I'd stick with the open hand. Hitting children with switches and belts seems cruel. That's just me though.

Colonel_Lexi 18

I remember that feeling of apprehension every time I heard my parents say "Lemme get the belt..."

i find spanking or hitting your kid enough to leave a mark is abuse..

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Not necessarily an upside - that'd be one less source of finance for OP.

That's one source OP probably won't regret missing.

Elfkid21 19

#3 can't use proper english. Do you seriously think she would have thought about loosing a source of income?

I agree with greenbean here, OP shouldn't have left the kid alone. If the kid needed some cooling off time, OP should have at least made sure he was in his own room! OP should loose the income and should never babysit again.

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oh holy shit!!! free lingerie!

olpally 32

Not exactly.. It's all torn up..

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Admin, I'm sorry but I've found that I do not like your comments... nor your picture.

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ifoundalaska 11

You're the worst babysitter. Babysitters are supposed to be fun!

I'm a bad babysitter got my boyfriend in your shower. Woop, I'm making 6bucks an hour!

That doesn't make OP a bad baby sitter. It's not OPs fault the child is a little shit and refuses to eat their vegetables. then the child wants to go up stairs and ruins their mothers clothes? That just says that either the child gets whatever he wants when acting out and isn't used to given direct orders Or really is just a terribly raised child.

ifoundalaska 11

When I babysit I don't forbid the kids from playing just because for once their parents aren't home and they don't wanna eat their vegetables. Kids need to be kids.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean OP is bad, look at the kids reaction to being told to eat vegetables, obviously there is something wrong with the kids parenting because normally not a lot of kids react like that for being told to eat some vegetables.

Lol, that doesn't make you a GOOD babysitter, that just means you're a pushover and you take the path of least resistance. That actually makes YOU the bad babysitter in my opinion. Babysitters don't necessarily have to be "fun" - they're there to keep the child safe and supervised, while keeping to the child's schedule and the parent's regulations. Kids are still growing, they need to eat their vegetables as well as know that they won't always get what they want by throwing a fit or a temper tantrum.

ifoundalaska 11

I do keep the child safe and supervised, I keep all 3 of them safe and supervised. And I'll have you know I'm a great babysitter :-) they never throw tantrums, they go to bed when they're told and they listen to me. They also enjoy me there which is why I keep getting called back. You don't have to be as strict as their parents to keep them safe. Not eating veggies isn't going to kill the kid for one night.

almostalbino 10

Well you obviously have the pleasure of not babysitting little brats that cut up their mother's clothes. Congrats on being the "better" babysitter.

Just because you are blessed with well behaved children to babysit does not mean that you are a good babysitter, it just means that you babysit good kids.

ifoundalaska 11

I'm also blessed with being a great babysitter.

Kids need a maintained structure. Your "I'm such a good babysitter because the kids like me!" excuse isn't going to sway anyone. Hell, I would like someone who came over to my house and fed me chicken nuggets and ice cream and let me watch South Park but that doesn't make them a good babysitter. What are you going to do when your clients try to make their kids eat broccoli, and they get the response "So-and-so doesn't make me eat broccoli! So-and-so gives me fruity pebbles for dinner!" The parents won't think you're such a good babysitter then. You need to maintain the structure their parents have set for them, that's your job. It's great to have fun with them, watch movies with them, play games, even bake cookies or cupcakes with them when they've behaved. But if they misbehave or go outside of their parents' rules, it's not cool for you to just disregard that and let them do what they want. They're not your kids. I know if you were looking after my kids and undermined my guidelines like that I would not be pleased.

ifoundalaska 11

When I babysit the kids eat their dinner that was made for them, we watch kids movie, play with their dog, go for walks, play wii or on their trampoline, and then they go to bed. They are all safe and sound, I haven't turned any of them into disobedient delinquents. So once again, I'm a great baby-sitter, for all of the above reasons. Also, I don't much care whether you're swayed or not.

ifoundalaska 11

Hey, I didn't start the argument. Freedom of speech bitch.

Ummm...rude much? OP is right... Just because the kid didn't eat their vegetables doesnt mean he's going to kill the kid. It was one little incident. And she shouldn't be called a "bad babysitter" just because the kid had a little fit. So how about YOU stfu Kay? :)

ifoundalaska 11

I still think she's a bad babysitter. And I wasn't the one who said stfu in the first place so your capitalization was unnecessary. Also, if people are going to argue my comment I'm going to argue back.

And just because YOU got lucky with well-behaved kids and OP didn't doesn't mean she's bad OR you're good. At least she has the balls to take on the challenge. Idiot. You sound like you're 15.

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HAHAHAHA ifoundalaska's delusional overconfidence and pride in his/her/its "great" babysitting skills is so laughable! Poor thing.

Iknoweverything 29

I don't think I ever enforced the "eat your veggies" rule when I was a babysitter... I'm not the parent, so why do I have to be the bad guy? Most parents (that I sat for) didn't really mind. YDI it though, kids that get angry over something as stupid as veggies are more likely to do something that will get YOU in trouble. If you want to be the bad guy, at least don't turn your back!

You're saying YOU wouldn't enforce the eat your veggies rule, but perhaps this child's parents required the OP to enforce the rule.

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ydi it?? the i in ydi stands for the word it.

Why is it that every long comment I read makes me feel like I have to thumb it down?

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I was the 10 th person to thumb down just so people don't have to read your diary

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god damn you're a self-righteous prick!!

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Those parents need to parent better

chels1994 11

If I do, do I win something?

chels1994 11

Use another form of the word "awkward" in your info again (:

You say parent again, I'll add in another "awkward" :p win win

chels1994 11

Deal, but no funny business :p

As made clear by the down-thumbs up ^there, I don't know how to be funny. There is no danger of funny business. -_-

chels1994 11

Well hey, if it helps, I didn't thumb anyone down :p

Lol I was not that bad when I was seven but he needs to be raised better then that

organicanna 6

Sorry, that sucks. Nothing you could do to prevent it though, so don't take it personally.