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By dump truck hater - 03/06/2015 16:18 - United States - Austin

Today, when leaving my apartment, I instantly noticed there was a giant dump truck in our lot, which turned out to be directly behind my car. After making a 20-point escape from my parking space and getting to work late, my roommate texts me, "DUDE guess what I got last night." A giant dump truck. FML
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Where would you just get a giant dump truck??

Shadowvoid 33

Why and where does one get/have a commercial grade dumptruck?


Where would you just get a giant dump truck??

City auctions have them, along with impounded vehicles and all the good stuff. You don't see them often but it's always interesting when you do see them. Unfortunately they usually look like shit since they've bwnn abused but it's a good steal if you're interested in making a vehicle look like new or whatnot.

Ted_brosby 4

And why would you get a giant dump truck?

To crush your enemies bodies, of course.

Where did Peter griffin get a rocket?

The screenwriters.

I pass a 50s gmc dump truck all the time. They actually are not that hard to find

sonasonic 34

#49, finding one is one thing, owning one is another thing. An entirely other thing worth an FML.

I agree with #1, and why would you spend money on it?

mds9986 24

Because it's a freaking dump truck. That's cool as hell. How many people can just say "yeah I have a dump truck."

It's still not as cool as the people who own running tanks

Shadowvoid 33

Why and where does one get/have a commercial grade dumptruck?

I found one for sale in perfect condition, for just 5k. D.O.T plow trucks go up for sale every few years, as well as private contractor's dump trucks. and the question is not why... its why not? hell, you could turn that thing into a pool!

Most actually couldn't hold water, but colk it and lock the gate, you'd be in business.

Yeah, that sounds like Texas

as a born and raised Texan, I can verify that this is true.

Texas sounds awesome

Tell him to park it somewhere else!

but it is parked

#32 Yes, and he should park it again...somewhere else. Somewhere that doesn't make it so hard for OP to get his car out.

As if you hadn't noticed it already, where in the world does one just get a dump truck? I want one.

City auctions will have things like that from time to time

sell ya mine! haha

you have a very inconsiderate roommate, was there not anywhere else he could have parked it?

Why so down in the dumps OP? Now you have a giant dump truck :D

Ask him if he has insurance.

Move all of his stuff into the back and say "DUDE, I got a new roomate!"