By tittyboomboom - 24/03/2016 13:16 - Australia

Today, I was taking the train home from another unsuccessful job interview. As I was sitting there, I felt the urge to yawn, but before I could raise my hand to cover my mouth some guy stuck his finger in it. FML
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That would have been a good time to bite down and teach him not to stick his finger in other people's mouths.

If you liked it then you should've put a finger in it, if you liked it then you should've put a finger in it

I always do that after I eat KFC, I mean why would I put my dirty greasy chicken fingers in my own mouth ?

YES!! yawn rape, that'll teach you to have some manners and cover your mouth next time. Have fun doing it to the next person.

Did you miss the part where OP said "before I could cover my mouth"

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50- when you're really tired they can catch you by surprise... Maybe her hands were full or busy. Maybe you're just a jerk. I guess we'll never know

50, If some stranger put their fingers in my mouth because I yawned, I would beat the tar out of them. It's gross and rude. It's not the job of random strangers the be the etiquette police.

I thought for a moment "Yeah, should have bitten them"...but anyone who does that to a stranger is too gross to risk biting.