By haunted - 23/10/2015 20:41 - United States - Gainesville

Today, I woke up at 2am and went to use the toilet. I sat there doing my business, when I heard a voice whisper my name from behind me. I live alone and the toilet is right up against the wall. I screamed and ran back to my room, then went without sleep for the rest of the night. FML
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Peeep 17

The chamber of secrets has opened!

Paranormal Activity: The FML dimension.


Peeep 17

The chamber of secrets has opened!

drunkmunkey 24

or he has a really creepy neighbor


That speaks parseltongue

Its not chamber! Its commode of secret from toilet!!!

WD_Stevens 22

He's got an entrance to the ministry! That's just what you want when leaving work - someone shitting on your head.

It sounds like someone wanted to Slytherin!

dyscomonkee 12

You're all idiots

mds9986 24

83- you accomplished a lot.

Sounds like you were scared..... Shitless!! *baduntiss*..... Okay I'll see my self out..

Well, you're fucked

He was probably imagining things.

Or he has a neighbor that likes to play pranks.

Omg! That sucks!!! I would have anxiety the rest of the night and have a house exorcism the next day!! Just reading this freaks me out a bit.

I don't think you know what an exorcism really is.

28, it could be a demon so an exorcism could work. A seance would make more sense to do, though.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NEVER ever do a seance when you're being haunted! It only encourages the spirit(s)! Only talk to it to tell it it's not welcome! Don't sit around a table with a damn medium and ask it what it wants! Who cares what it wants? YOU want it to leave you the fuck alone, or should anyway.

What if it's Casper though? Why be rude to such a friendly ghost?

Okay, 71, there is a BIG difference between a seance and a exorcism. Please use google and educate yourself.

90, Please educate yourself on how to read a thread. Nowhere did I suggest that an exorcism and a seance are the same thing. I was responding to 69's assertion that OP ought to do a seance rather than an exorcism.

A house exorcism? I think you mean Have the house blessed...

zeffra13 31

Is that wall against a neighboring apartment or an outside wall? Maybe someone was messing with you. Or maybe, since you woke up at 2 am, your brain wasn't quite awake and played tricks on you.

Either of the two it seems. Or it could be that he has some actual entity that's haunting him.

Boogeyman was based off of a real incident.

Or maybe it was just a nightmare but one of those very realistic ones that takes a couple of days to realise

It's possible it was a waking dream. I've had those. Although, I've never experienced one when I was able to get up and use the toilet, and I've never heard of one like that either. Waking dreams are usually accompanied by sleep paralysis.

Probably was the latter

Ikashy73 14

This has actually sort of happened to me more than once. Usually it's just that there was some wind and my mind played tricks on me and made me hear my name instead.

That is terrifying. For your own safety, please hire someone to cleanse your house of spirits. I'm not a professional, but I've seen a few movies and I know how this is going to end.

I hope thats sarcasm gone wrong

A07 48

"I'm not a professional, but I've seen a few movies" sounds like something to put on my CV

How did this get down voted so fare this is some funny shit she wrote !!!!!! lol

Call the Winchesters


Or Zak Bagans, since he loves investigating phony incidents.

Who you gonna call?

The landlord

Finally someone agrees with me!

Paranormal Activity: The FML dimension.

olpally 32

That scared me a little...