By minustoenail - United States - San Francisco
Today, as I entered a stairwell, the fire alarm went off, triggering the automatic fire doors to close. The one I was walking through ran over my foot, ripping my toenail, and then smacked me in the face. FML
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No, the door acts as a bulkhead for keeping fires contained to only affected areas rather than letting the fire spread easily throughout the building. Usually it's the other way around and signage reads "Fire Door Keep Closed". They are very heavy doors; so for being stupid and standing in the door's path OP is extremely lucky to have only lost a toenail!!

  jezane  |  9

A zebra being eaten by a lion
A Dalmatian that stepped in red paint.
A magpie that flew into a red traffic light
Even the famous beginning to every James Bond film made.
But a sunburnt penguin?! ...Pathetic...