By minustoenail - 12/10/2012 05:58 - United States - San Francisco

Today, as I entered a stairwell, the fire alarm went off, triggering the automatic fire doors to close. The one I was walking through ran over my foot, ripping my toenail, and then smacked me in the face. FML
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Ouch! There isn't a pretty picture in my head from this. But feel better OP!!!

syley 5

If op was on a stairwell why would the doors close? Don't you use the stairs in a fire?


Ouch! There isn't a pretty picture in my head from this. But feel better OP!!!

Inheritance 10

Id be pissed if it was just a drill not an actual fire..

SLKBlack96 5

Close the blast doors, close the blast doors! Open the blast doors, open the blast doors!

The building you are in is currently on fire, and you're complaining about a toenail on the Internet. Burn, bitch... burn.

That sounds extremely painful. I would rather step on a million Legos than get my toenail ripped off. Ow!

Samandra 4

I like the username, OP. But I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon. >.<

Aren't fire doors supposed to stay open when the alarm goes off? Like what?

No, the door acts as a bulkhead for keeping fires contained to only affected areas rather than letting the fire spread easily throughout the building. Usually it's the other way around and signage reads "Fire Door Keep Closed". They are very heavy doors; so for being stupid and standing in the door's path OP is extremely lucky to have only lost a toenail!!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Yes, the OP is stupid because he totally knew the fire alarm would go off as he's walking through the door. Can the OP see the future?

Lemme cheer you up. Q:What is white, black and red all over? A:a penguin with a sun burn :D No? K. :(

NO! A zebra being eaten by a lion A Dalmatian that stepped in red paint. A magpie that flew into a red traffic light Even the famous beginning to every James Bond film made. But a sunburnt penguin?! ...Pathetic...

Samandra 4

26- Your picture scares me, to be honest.

I know!! But for some reason you can't stop looking at it! Right?

weasel123 9

Ugh. It hurts just thinking about that. You'd think a door that was meant to keep people safe would be a bit safer than that.

Looks like technology got a leg up on you today.

That's almost as bad as getting run over by an amber lamps.

Damn! In terms or karma, you must'a killed a kitten to get that.. In which case I'd suggest you go easy on da pussy next time! Good luck with your toenail.

I get the feeling that someone was behind this...somehow. Maybe an ex firefighter boyfriend that you severely pissed off?

nachi2013 4

Wow this just painted the worlds most painful picture in my head

I can make a worse one! Nut sack ripped off. I believe I win.