By Lucachoo - 26/07/2015 00:22 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow. His reaction was to pick up a banana and pretend that he was in the middle of a phone call. FML
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1221jamw 11

ring ring ring, banana phone, banana phone

Now who would have thought fruit and phones worked so well together...


Think you need to find a new boyfriend

1dvs_bstd 41

Geez, there's absolutely no way that that's a ******* terrible and harsh over the top reaction.

And an extremely worn out response.

What if he just didn't have the cash to spare that evening? This may warrant a response from OP, did you offer to take him out, split the check, or did you want him to foot the bill?"

1dvs_bstd 41

#9, it's fml. It's either a cliche, overused comment or a stupid, lame pun or sympathy. People are so afraid of getting downvoted into oblivion that they're just sticking to the formula.

Then they should realize restating the same joke, phrase, or sentence usually gets down voted more than mediocre comments.

Personally I would have just picked up a banana a sucked seductively on it to **** with him but that's just me

apologies... I meant 'first'

Now who would have thought fruit and phones worked so well together...

All I think of is Apple iPhones. Ugh.

So you like to be with a guy with no sense of humor whatsoever?

1221jamw 11

ring ring ring, banana phone, banana phone

#33 and I like my Chinese food cooked right. Funny how no one got the song lol.

i walk up to the police in detroit city

I've got this feeling, it's apeeling, for us to get together and sing, SING. Ring, ring, ring ring, banana phone. Ding ding ding dong ding dong ding, donana phone.

Please tell me he's not your boyfriend anymore

Would you end a relationship just because of that if you were in OP's place?

Based on her response I'm going to assume a yes

Actually no cause someone w/ that level of maturity wouldn't be my boyfriend in the first place

Because you would know 100% they would never do that when you start dating? What do you, ask them to fill out a questionnaire beforehand? Keep up the optimism, kid.

"I'm dumping you." What...why? "Go talk to that bitch you were talking to in that banana!" Sounds stupid, right? Relax. Have a sense of humour. Live a little.

Dating is the period in which you find out whether you want to be in an actual relationship with someone though..

#4 the dudes you date must all be plain as a board if a simple joke makes them to immature for you.

If it were a joke then why is it an fml?

You're in a relationship WHEN you start dating because you're both connected in the act of figuring out if you want to continue to be more than friends. I don't want to condescend you, but the nuances of love and dating are not exactly apparent to teens.

She already is in a relationship wtf

You've obviously never read any of the follow-ups. The people who post these tend to post them A. before the other person involved had time to say it was a joke B. know its a joke but posts it anyways cause it upset them at the time or C. obviously can't see the joke. And in this case the dude picked up a BANANA. Idk about you but I don't think he believes op to be stupid enough to think that was a real phone call.

#34 yeah I do understand what you're saying, dating for me and my peers is different from dating in older ages.. I guess the older you get the more you tend to work things out, probably why high school relationships don't last long hahaha

look at her she a lil 16yo that thinks get shit don't stink

Some high school relationships work, the most that don't are because teens are constantly changing mentally, and some physically.

Honestly only about 5% of high school relationships end up lasting more than 4 years though

man is ******* brilliant if you ask me, i wouldn't date anyone who wouldn't laugh at that

BlueXephos 10

He might not have and/or time for it, try talking to him.

1221jamw 11

I'm so confused about the 'and/or' placement here...

I think #6 left out a word. Money and/or time, maybe?

BlueXephos 10

Indeed, sorry for that

It sounds like OP did try talking with him.

Grab the banana and pretend you're gonna suck on it, and then last minute say "HAHA JK, no date no suck" LOL

it must have been an important call from his Nana.

I am over here reading the comments with a straight face, but I lost my shit at 'Nana,' haha.

Every commenter - "Break up your better hur dur."

At least he was creative

xoxoblondee 31

Throw the rest of the bananas at him and say "now you're on a conference call"

See, this is a proper response. creativity fought with creativity. Instead of "dumping him", hit him with a dose of his own vitamins.