By Anonymous - 04/11/2018 22:00

Today, I asked my niece to house-sit because she acts very mature and sensible while her brother is an idle slob. Turns out the idle slob nephew is the mature one while the sensible niece actually likes to throw house parties. I found a used condom stuck to my ceiling. FML
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I hope you made her clean up the mess.

Are you by any chance a family of Lizards?


Are you by any chance a family of Lizards?

I hope you made her clean up the mess.

Your niece might be a thot

Hope you made her clean up her mess And apologised to the nephew for being wrongly accused haha

Always watch out for the quiet ones!

Guess we know who's your favorite now.

sounds like a sticky situation!!!

PenguinPal3017 19

now that's what I call a sticky situation!

PenguinPal3017 19

Reminds me of the time that my friend and I were cabbing to my place. The cabbie said he needed someone to sit up front to give him directions. I was getting in the front when he said "not you, I'm worried you'll puke up here." My friend was ten times as drunk as I was.

She’s mature enough to practice safe sex. Then again, who the hell does she know who can shoot a condom up to the ceiling? That’s a rare talent!

Someone at the house party was mature enough, doesn't automatically make it her

Idle slob = too lazy to do fuck all. "Mature and sensible" = gaining trust to be able to do whatever she wants. Always be suspicious of a well-behaved kid/young adult. They're generally up to something, and they'll wait as long as it takes for the pay-off.