By freedomofmusic - United States
Today, I was walking back to campus with my boyfriend when we passed an Irish pub called "Fat Belly's." He put his arm around me, patted my stomach, and said "Yay! It's your restaurant!" FML
freedomofmusic tells us more :
Hi, I'm the OP. 5'10" and 130lbs... is that fat? Cause that's me. Sure, he was joking, but it still hurt.
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By  RebelYell14  |  4

I don't see why you girls put up (or put out) for guys like that who keep your self-esteem checked. if you think it's funny, then it's Moran XML and if he's hurting your feelings then your relationship isn't very good with him.

  KikiThePug  |  0

First of all it was a spelling error. Anyway, before my comment was changed, I commented onto this: Made my* but that didn't get posted. You're lucky that I like your comments. :/