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lol Jessie, first you have that one guy who made an account with the name as "ms_Jessieishot" or whatever, and now you have another with the account name to do with you! you are quite popular Missy:) but seriously they shouldn't have called you that, because you aren't a bitch, I don't marry bitches! you are my darling<333 :D

  lucious_mama  |  0

it's not that she can't control her bowels, I'm a mom x3, and she may have had a contraction in her sleep on top of the dream she was having, it's entirely normal. just as it is to sh!t when your giving birth. seeing as how she is so far along she may have just a little bit of extra weight (extreme sarcasm) on all of her innards... lighten the hell up, it's really not that big of a deal.

OP don't feel to bad, embarrassing as it may be your completely entitled to sh!t or piss yourself unknowingly. it will be a great story to tell your kid when they're older, (great potty training story because they will too have accidents) yes it sucks but all the sh!t you go thru while pregnant and all you put up with in the early day is soo worth it!

  epoh_fml  |  0

yah, sorry, love. Pooping while contracting just does not happen. While pushing a baby out, yes.

Are your panties in a twist because *you* can't control your bowels?


According to, some pregnant women may have loose or soft bowel movements in the days before labor. It could be easier to lose control of those kind. I know the typical gestation period is closer to 10 months, but perhaps the OP is farther along than she thought or going into early labor.

Besides, pregnancy plays hell on some women's stomachs. Maybe she just ate something that gave her the squirts >.<

  dre_dre  |  0

at #6 oh come on just because you never heard of pregnant chicks being unable to control their bowels means this chick is giving pregnant women a bad name?

stop being a bitch and just congratulate her one pregnant lady to another

  iLoveUnionJ  |  8

I meant the dwaght person, don't ever let them become a parent, sorry if it came across as op never having kids.
Don't worry OP, its natural, my mum is pregnant and the same thing happened to her. Many many congrats