By Lennyr - 28/08/2016 06:36 - United States - Union City

Today, I gave birth to my first born child. Somehow, my mom and mother in law made their way to the delivery room, and walked in mid-push. While they were escorted out, I overheard my mother in law asking the nurse how her son, my husband, was holding up. FML
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This will actually be your second born. Your first child is your husband.

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Yeah never mind you but clearly a nerve racking time for the poor guy. Seriously congrats on your first child, wonderful times to come.


species4872 19

Yeah never mind you but clearly a nerve racking time for the poor guy. Seriously congrats on your first child, wonderful times to come.

This will actually be your second born. Your first child is your husband.

Still first born, she merely adopted the husband lol

The husband did absolutely nothing to act like a child

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Pretty sure it's just a joke, guys Don't get your panties in a twist

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Did you even read it? Neither her mother or mother-in-law were in the room with her. Since they were escorted out, I think it's safe to assume they weren't invited to be in the delivery room. There are other ways to check on the parents to be without invading the laboring mother's privacy the way they did.

#18 They still saw how she was doing when they barged in. It's not like a person can only care about one other person at any given time, OP's Mother-in-law might care about how OP was doing but were also worried about her own child who is probably going through a rollercoaster of emotions himself.

The issue isn't worrying about their child, it's if you are not invited into the delivery room: DON'T COME IN. If the mother didn't invite you, you don't have a right to invite yourself in! No matter what you are to them, they shouldn't be forced to allow people that might make them uncomfortable and stress them more.

That's why I told absolutely no one when I went into labor. I didn't want anyone assuming that I wouldn't mind, even after I had already told everyone no one was to be at the hospital with us. I understand it can be exciting, but it's a lot of unnecessary stress on the mom if other people are overbearing and keep "rushing" you.

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"walked in mid push". Seems to me that both mother's could visibly see each of their children. Albeit probably not long enough to get a full grasp of the situation. I'd suggest reading future posts a couple more times before commenting garbage.

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I suppose I should clarify that I don't actually support the views I mentioned in the first part of my post- I was stating an observation of how people usually see the matter. I personally think it's blown way out of proportion, especially since it's a ridiculously common portrayal in the media. That said, I'm genuinely curious what part of my comment is apparently offensive.

Not everybody wants their parents in the delivery room. The only person I had in there was my husband and I was allowed 3 people in the L&D room. My mom and I don't have the best relationship and my i wouldn't have been super comfortable with my MIL in there but besides that it was something I wanted to share with my husband as we met our first child. It was an intimate moment for us (not sexually) but they can come see the baby after... And congrats OP!!!

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Her husband was still there it was just the mother and MIL that were escorted out because they came in without an invitation.

Okay, then I misunderstood the wording. The way I read it made me think the husband wasn't in the room, since it seemed like if he was there the MIL would have seen him sitting or standing in the room. My mistake.

Do you and your Monster- I mean Mother-in-law, normally get along? Lol jk congratulations on the kiddo, OP!

Not a good sign if she's asking that

Congratulations on the baby and it sucks they came if you didn't want them at the biorth. In terms of the MIL asking about her son, I don't see a problem with that. Maybe she asked about you too later, I am sure she knows how hard it is to give birth and it isn't that surprising that she asked if her son was okay, I imagine a birth can be tough on both parties though obviously a LOT worse for the woman.

Ugh, I'm due with my first baby in a few days and this FML is something I dread may happen to me. So definitely FYL, momma! Look on the bright side, you now have a beautiful little baby. Congrats!

if you worry about things like that, make it clear to your attending doctor and nurses.

I guess the timing of the comment was unfortunate and in those hours it's the last thing you'd want to hear. But of course the husband is stressed and anxious; there's nothing wrong with someone checking in on him.