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Was it finger lickin' good though? If not you should turn on the damn lights next time...

I feel like too much of this story is missing....


Was it finger lickin' good though? If not you should turn on the damn lights next time...

I think OP took the whole "men in uniform are hot" phrase a bit too far... It's not just ANY uniform, especially fast food chain ones! Yikes!

I assume the light was on, as OP saw the uniforms hat... Damn slut has the nerve to get the one piece special and complain on how the employee was dressed. I'll need understand them...

\ 28

I bet the smell was more arousing than the deed itself.

Why is she a slut?

She can't lick her fingers if she's licking something else.

Uhm where's the FML in this?? I think it's delightfully sexual and kinky and fun ;D

That's just gross! I wouldn't be licking Mr.KFC man anywhere.... That's how she's gonna get salmonella!

Never thought as salmonella as an S.T.D., but I guess it could be in this case... *shudders*

I feel like too much of this story is missing....

She didn't have enough money for her Zinger Burger meal..... ;)

This fml needs follow up.

I'm thinking OP called KFC to deliver her chicken... But end up doing it.... F her life for choosing to screw the KFC delivery guy T_T

What's there to know? OP is a tramp with no self respect that'll sleep with anyone.

I didn't know KFC delivered. .

Did he give you the Colonels' special blend?

If you would do that for KFC, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

She'd probably have sex with the guy who mows her lawn...


While mowing

Would you...kill a man?

no 130, she would have sex with the guy who mows her lawn on the lawn while mowing

You have no one to blame but yourself...

Exactly. It's like she/he is asking for sympathy...

Who said they are asking sympathy? This is an FML. People post for other people's entertainment, not to seek pity.

I always thought that while reading, this is more for entertainment, but for posting it is more of an "everyone feel bad for me" kind of thing. That would explain the FMLs that are posted by douchebags at the top of the YDI leaderboard.

Sounds like you got the real secret blend of herbs and spices...

She should go after the bush's baked beans guy next.

As long as she leaves the dog alone :-)

Heh heh colt .45 afroman reference.

If only your Spanish friend taught you "pollo frito" beforehand...

That's an old one there.

A true gem of FML's at that.

Did you eat the bone?

Hahaha..... Nice

So many lols from this right now.

This is the first comment from FML where I actually lol'ed

Greatest comment ever!!!!!!

I must have missed the drumstick special

Please tell me he at least sent you home with a bucket of chicken...and some biscuits.

What is wrong with you...she should also get some coleslaw as well.

I reckon she had a mouthful afterwards.

24 don't forget the mashed potatoes and gravy!

Oh he gave her some gravy...believe it.