By Anonymous - 10/07/2009 21:59 - Iraq

Today, I woke up from a nap to hear my roommate having some intimate time with his hand. The slopping and slurping sounds along with the girly man squeal as he finished haunted me all day. FML
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girly man squeal, lol.

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I think the words 'slopping' and 'slurping', as well as the phrase 'girly man squeal' are vivid enough alone to haunt me.


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Woah WHAT? SLOPPING AND SLURPING? How is that even possible? Someone please explain. o.O

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Um... probably the lube

Dang... I wished I had of stopped reading this post before I got to the end. That it nightmarish.

Eww. Really eww.

wearing sneakers in the rain will never be the same... *sigh*

girly man squeal, lol.



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you didn't enjoy it? Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it! Jk (:

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hahaha. i woulda liked it.

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lol.......well ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Iraq!! Representin!

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OMFG YES that was the first thing I thought of too XD

Does he have a girlfriend? Yeah, his right hand.

Pamela Handerson as they say.

Either that or Rosie Palm and her five friends.

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don't tell his right hand.. But he's cheating on her with his left hand. YOU DIDNT HEAR IT FROM ME.

his girlfriend is ms. thumb & her 4 daughters.

wow, some of those were really fucking terrible. lol

What if he's a lefty


excusemydust 0

I think the words 'slopping' and 'slurping', as well as the phrase 'girly man squeal' are vivid enough alone to haunt me.

Mega Dittoes

My sister makes a "boyish woman" death prattle when she polishes her knob.

"Sister" "Polishing her knob" Wait a second...

yeah that is kinda weird since when do girls have knobs?

How do you even know this!?

yungstunna1 0

your sister has a knob? how the fuck would you know?! that's sick. can anyone say incest?

That sister comment made me laugh more than the FML.

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lmaooo it haunts me too, the rest of the story wasn't needed :3