By Anonymous - 30/08/2014 06:44 - New Zealand - Wellington

Today, I almost got lucky with a girl from my course. We've been flirting since we met. After removing her top and moving downwards with my tongue, whilst moaning my name she decided to mention she has a boyfriend and that we needed to stop. FML
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Better to abort now than to abort something else later

#47 That really wasn't funny u should have thought of something better than that .

I laughed my ass off, that was clever #47. Some people are too sensitive.

28, ejecting would have come a lot (or a bit, I dunno) after this and may have caused major problems

Kyle1dc 17

Oh and if you see things moving down there... yeeaaahh, those are crabs.

But they've grown into Saber-Tooth Crotch Crickets.

"Do you have a pencil?" "No but I have herpes."

O.o son of a $&@#%!! The struggles are real

Hopefully she won't 'mention' you to her boyfriend?

To be honest, I think he should mention it to the boyfriend himself then they both land up dumping her.

ostfaiz 18

FYL OP, hope you got yourself a coolant at once ;)

Seems to me she doesn't care that much about him, I mean you were practically there anyway!! Hope ya didn't have blue balls too bad lol

Well at least she didn't tell you right after you had mad sex.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

it ain't like he's the one with a significant other,i mean if they had done something he wouldn't be the one ending up hurt because they just met in the course according to OP and most colleges didn't start but a matter of weeks ago.sounds like it would of been more of a problem for her boyfriend than OP.