By poorbastard - 30/08/2014 08:35 - Canada - Longueuil

Today, I was called in over speakers at the airport. The man who was speaking clearly and nearly burst out laughing when he said my name. Soon, a few people around also snickered when they heard it. I had to wait five minutes before I could casually stand up. My last name is Bastard. FML
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You poor Bastard

uniformed 13

Wow well that's unfortunate. at least you bring laughter to the world. haha


You poor Bastard

That is literally the author

Son of a bitch you stole my idea

Could of been way worse. I knew a guy his first name was Duchon his last name was Mandic.

Is he from South Carolina?

uniformed 13

Wow well that's unfortunate. at least you bring laughter to the world. haha

What's your first name?

Epikouros 31


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Ahh, beat me to it #20

badluckalex 23

its C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER not code breaker...

Ellen Degeneres' cousin, Ellen DeBastard.

Falken. ...Falken Bastard!

First name, Doc?

I'm just looking forward to when he comes back.

Oh? You didn't see his new post? I nearly died laughing at one line.

I'm DocBastard, and I approve of this comment.

DontClickOnMe 28

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I don't know why #6 is getting down voted. I've legally changed my last name. It's a pain in the ass and expensive, but worth it!

DontClickOnMe 28

Probably because when someone is thumbed down, everyone else thinks they also have to do it, but whatever. I don't really care lol.

lexiieeex3 32

My elementary school teacher's last name was "Dick" before she legally changed it to "Dee" so I feel you.

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Maybe he can't change it since that costs a large amount of cash

I think it would be worth the expense changing a name like that, even if he has to save up for years or go into debt.

anormalperson 25

How do you deserve to have a last name that bothers you?

It doesn't even cost that much. Only like $100 and something

RedPillSucks 31

That's a lot of money for some people

It cost me a little over $1000USD. A $470 Clerk filing fee, plus I had to run the name change in the papers for 4 weeks to see if anyone would contest the change. Then there are all those little fees to changing your ID, cards, etc.

tanabanana13 14

Someone shouldn't have to change their own name because of other people's immaturity. I'm surprised by the number of, "if it bothers you, change it!" comments because it's not an ugly sweater, you know. It's OP's name...he/she was born with it. Your name represents your family, and it represents yourself. You might even like it. So why would you change it? How many people have had their names made fun of in their lives? How many people have unfortunate names that are easy to make fun of, like Harry or Dick, for example? Are we all gonna go pay out the butt to have our names changed to avoid situations like these? That's a classic example of throwing money at our problems. I hope OP took it in stride and had a good sense of humor about it. If not, I'm genuinely sorry that OP has to live with other people's immature behavior. Don't change your name if you like it. You deserve to keep your own name!

Are you a bastard child?

jojimugo 20

That would make him a bastard bastard

I am so glad you told us your name this made my day

tony1891 22

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You do realise that they have the same last name.

That was kind of inconsiderate of them to laugh. Laughing at someones name is preschool level. FYL OP.

Kind of like laughing at a funny word like "peacock"? As someone who has been guilty of finding inappropriate humor in various situations, I can tell you, sometimes it just happens. Granted, there are times to be discrete when you find something funny, but if you keep your inner child totally reined in, when you get older you're going to need surgery to remove that stick from your ass.

All of humanity is preschool level. Get used to it.

I'm ashamed to say I'm guilty of it. I had to call over the radio for an order to be brought up for Dong Wang (his real name). I made it through the first time ok but when the guys in the warehouse asked me to repeat it a laugh spilled out. I apologized profusely to the guy but thankfully he was cool about it.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe people thought it was a phone prank, Like "phone call for Amanda Huginkis"