By sam_666777 - United States - Farmingdale
Today, my 8 year old son asked me why he had to make his bed everyday if he would just use it again. I replied with, "You flush the toilet even though you're going to use it again, right?" He said, "Good point." Now he's not making his bed or flushing the toilet. FML
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By  gracehi  |  31

Next time go with, "You eat even though you'll have to eat again, right?" That's how my mom handled that question. I still didn't make my bed, but at least I didn't starve myself.

By  gracehi  |  31

Next time go with, "You eat even though you'll have to eat again, right?" That's how my mom handled that question. I still didn't make my bed, but at least I didn't starve myself.

By  jrod9327  |  17

Say we won't make the bed, or make dinner. And that was the day I realized how much I love food. :-(

On a side note, I don't know many children who make their bed at that age so good luck.

By  skittyskatbrat  |  19

He does have a point. Point out that the toilet smells and that it splashes when it's used and that's just gross.
As for the bed? Making it keeps spiders and such out of the bed. I live in Missouri. Brown recluses LOVE clothes on the floor, crumpled covers, etc. as places to hide. A flat,well-made bed just doesn't have any hiding spots for them. Rumpled beds also eat clothes, toys, homework, pencils, cell phones, etc. as they hide in the folds and fluff! Finally, sun bleaches fabric. A bed with wrinkles and sunlight on it will get light spots on the covers where they are raised and dark spots in the shadows. Go on vacation for a week with an unmade bed by the window and a dark blanket and you've got visible evidence! So there is a good reason for it. And point out that when he buys his own bed and own sheets, he can make his own decision. You bought this bed, blanket, and sheets...and you require that they be made.

  lizlala  |  15

Where I live there's no creepy insects that'll try to hide in clothes/bed covers... my bed is far from the window (plus, most of the time there's not much sunlight anyway)...
And till this day I have never lost anything in my bed :P


I agree with everything you said, except when younassumed she bought his bed. When i was that young, my parents wouldnt buy me an xbox or games, so i saved up and bought them. Two years later i bought my own computer, then later i biught myself a futon.

  katachristic  |  19

Losing things like toys in your bed would not happen because your bed isn't made, it happens when you don't keep track of your stuff. And as far as Sun bleached blankets go, don't let the Sun in when you're gone that long. Curtains exist for a reason, and I certainly wouldn't want people to be able to see in my room when I'm not there either.

  hystericsky  |  11

I'm with you #52. My parents don't even make their bed. I didn't know it was a thing really until I saw how fancy my sisters was in high school. Not worth the effort honestly. As long as the covers are getting washed regularly I really don't see a problem.


This comment is complete crap. Really, spiders? You make your bed to avoid spiders??? Spiders have just as many hiding places in a well made bed as an un-made one. The space between the sheet and the blanket is nice and snug just the way they like it. Spiders don't crawl around and selectively pick beds that aren't made. I guess maybe that's how your parents scared you into making your bed.... I hate to break it to you, but it's complete bullshit.

And really, losing stuff? Here's a bright idea... Use your bed for... SLEEPING, and do your playing, homework and eating in their designated places. Or if you aren't a complete idiot you can simply put your homework away after you're done with it..... This isn't a hard concept.

Don't invent stupid reasons to convince yourself why you have to make your bed. Just do it because it looks tidy if you want it to look nice. There is literally no other reason for it, other than aesthetics.