By smiler - 17/03/2010 16:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I had my wisdom teeth removed. The sympathetic words from my boyfriend asked if this meant I could open my mouth a bit wider for him now. FML
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Yes, just open wide ... before you bite down.

Actually, no sucking for him...


Yes it does... hard. XD

rauj13 0

Can you say "Infection"? I doubt cum is a good thing to put on fresh wounds.

LTMcleod 0

I guess you could say her life sucks, literarly.

jamie_leeann23 0

what an ass.

hahaha he is an ass

you should be like a snake and unhinge you jaw

he's got his priorities straight!!! haha

it sucks not all women are good at giving head.

Can I get a Zing! ?

mrbuddy 0

A post almost just like this was on a week or two ago! Boo!

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So CAN you open wider, now? :)

dan13mey 0

well that shit hurts when you start gettin teeth involved! be considerate, open wider!

wow that sucks

ElegantSadist 0

she will when her mouth is better. or even before that

louis4_fml 0

this or a very similar one was posted a week ago or so. get a life if you have to copy others!!

YDI for having shoes.

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Tell him you'll swallow his when he swallows yours.

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To all folks saying it's a repeat, it is not. There was another one a while back with wisdom teeth and a boyfriend, but it didn't end like that at all.

lol now your rdvenge is to tease him but dont give him any if he's going to be a pig lol

@1 apparently It doesn't suck well enough

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lol ydi for havin a crap boyfriend.

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everyones getting their wisdom teeth removed. i got mine a couple days ago. it's a pain in the ass.

alleyx3 0

this sounds just like the other one only he asked when the next time she could give a blow job would be...

Hmmm, I think I feel dejavu, or de ja vu, or dejavú... Oh wtf (I suck at spelling.)

marleytooyou 0

he was trying to get ur mind off of the pain

yeah I remember reading it

op bf, not only an asshole, but a moron 

ok, wasn't there one just like this a couple weaks ago?

buttonface 0

Yeah, bud. Repeat. :/

I find it funny that like 5 people have repeated each other complaining about a repeat.

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! That's fuckin hilarious!

sounds like a legitimate question to me.

to the people bitching about how there was a similar post a couple weeks ago... maybe some of us have lives and aren't on fml all day every day and read every post ever posted. thanks for your time.

^^^ pun of the day, yesterday

ashlynn610 12

thts terrible

When my exneighbor had his wisdom teeth removed the painkillers made him really out of it and he went to a Waffle House. Unfortunatly, he ate one of their radiated waffles and grew another head which was constantly quoting Steven Wright. I believe he killed himself within 20 minutes.

36 you need to see a psychiatrist. or however you spell it.

haha, yeah, I'm a major schizofrenic. I hear voices and junk.

lolz as do i. i call them nightmares. :p

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I feel sympathy for you. Currently I am playing the world's smallest violin.

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"One night a couple was lying in bed. The husband was feeling frisky so he rolled over and tapped his wife on the shoulder and started rubbing her arm. The wife turns over and says ‘I'm sorry honey, but I have a gynaecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh.’ Rejected, the husband turns over and tries to sleep. A few minutes later he rolls over and whispers in her ear ‘Do you have a dentist appointment, too?’"

ashlynn610 12

who's beautiful? me? lol if it was to me then awh thanks!!! (:

ashlynn610 12

what is? lol I'm confused now

no no u are beautiful hehe

ashlynn610 12

I am SO confused... lol

I said WTF cuz I was wondering y this dude was flirting on fml!!?? but it's ight cuz he is kinda cute too lol

ashlynn610 12

lol true dat true dat (:

lol I no right!! he needs to take the glasses off though!!

ashlynn610 12

lol yupp yupp yupp!!! haha... (:

beautifulllllll lol thought I join in

ashlynn610 12

WTF who is beautifulllllll I'm so confused... Grrrrrrrr...

idk who everyone is talking about I was talking about u tho lol

ashlynn610 12

oh thanks (:

I'm gonna marry afatmonkey one day.

and I agree Ashely your pwetty:D

Emofluffinzhehe 0

supa bootiful X3

ashlynn610 12

OMG You guys are so nice (: lol...

ashlynn610 12

Paige you are very pretty too (:

thank you:D haha

ashlynn610 12

hahh you're welcome (:

lol compliments galore on this fml :D mine as well add to it, both of you look pretty hot

ashlynn610 12

thanks (: StoryOfTheYear... You're pretty hot yourself!!! (:

woah calm down this isn't a dating site

I'm going to make it one

157 party pooper. 158 ftw.

ashlynn610 12

lmaooo... you're funny... (:

I try, thx. (if that was intended for me) imma hit the hay, gn y'all

ashlynn610 12

goodnight (:

vergaso 0

why dont u guys flirt in real life not just behind ur computer all safe y todo u guys take up lik a page sayin the same shit over and over again

you act like were all trying to go out. it's just a simple compliment. maybe if you had a picture you would get one too.

ashlynn610 12

lmao GO PAIGE (:

ashlynn610 12

hello (: lol

maybe you will get more action?

omg I also can't open my mouth wider than 2 inches! sucks for my man ;)

Actually, no sucking for him...

chances are, you dont NEED to open your mouth wider than 2 inches. ;).

well that was probably how wide the OP's mouth opened before the wisdom teeth surgery (which is horrible, btw). so it's not a win or loss for the bf. but when I got my surgery I most definitely would have not wanted to suck on a dick.

lol what if sometimes it seems your mouth just ain't big enough or far enough back?

mama2b3 20

haha sounds like a reasonable question. Can you?

Were you the straight chick on the Tool Academy?

Jrook 0

yeah because removing teeth makes you able to open more.... how the hell does that make any sence?

Jrook 0

for whatever Stupid reason i put "since" whenever I want "sense" .. pisses me off

ThatsMyHerpesBoy 0


mmmmm going down?

thatoneGeo 0

well? can you or not? answer the question women!

YDI for having an asshole boyriend.

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Oh, come on. It's an honest question.

It's a funny one xP.

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that would be a positive thing