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Today, I went out drinking with a friend I've been crushing on for a while now. After we'd been talking and had a few, she said, "Man, I haven't gotten laid in months! Do you mind?" Surprised but hopeful, I nodded. She leaned over, hugged me, and went to hit on a guy by the bar. FML
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Oh, the Friend Zone.

You nodded? So she not only blew you off to go get in bed with some other guy, she clearly ignored the fact that you minded if she blew you off in the first place. HOW RUDE.


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That sucks! :(

YDI for not telling her about your prosthetic penis

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YDI for starting the bubonic plague.

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ydi for liking meat

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How does it feel knowing when you go home tonight all alone and lay down to sleep you won't be able too because all you are going to think about is some random stranger just ravaging the chick you like inside and out. And here's the kicker he won't even care. This will just be another random trick to him a notch on the belt an easy lay. But you are going to cry cause you love this girl and all you will want to do in the world is make sweet sweet love to her but instead some guy is giving her doggy in the cornhole and pulling her hair and choking her. Now go kill yourself :) k thx buh-bye

Dearest #65: You, sir, win the Internet.

YDI for starting the bubonic plague

@OP Read #65. Then read it again. And again, and again. Then go and make some personal changes fast.

Awwww can you repost 65?

Apparently you misunderstood her? I mean.. was she not looking in that direction?...

You nodded? So she not only blew you off to go get in bed with some other guy, she clearly ignored the fact that you minded if she blew you off in the first place. HOW RUDE.

this dude wins for knowing what the phrase "do you mind" really means :D

Personally, i just restate the question as: 1) Yes, I do mind... -or 2) No, I do not mind...

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Oh, the Friend Zone.

This is why I hate the Friend Zone. Sometimes I wish it did not exist. What's a little hooking up between friends? Better than strangers =P

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#21- You're a dumb ass who needs to learn about boundaries and how to respect people. I am thoroughly insulted by the lack of judgment in your comment and I am sure you have absolutely no healthy relationships in your life.

Hi you are an idiot and must be new to the internet. The "=P" sign signifies that I am joking and/or being sarcastic. I have plenty of healthy relationships so if you could please fuck off u cock juggling thundercunt it would be much appreciated. I hope you have a nice day. Sorry about the repeat folks I meant to reply to 44 earlier

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1st hand judgements eh? It takes one to know one doesn't it now you dumb cock sucking faggot?

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You sir, have made my day with the words: "Cock juggling thundercunt". :D

Wow what a bitch. I think you should stop crushing on her... like yesterday.

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She was probably looking at him to say "do you mind?" because she was asking HIM.

I'm pretty sure he nodded because he thought she wanted HIM to give her some. Your only hope now is to come right out and say you're into her, and hope you're not so deep in Friend Zone that it'll be awkward. If that's the case, move on and make your intentions clear from the start.

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Ouch, friend zones a bitch isn't it? Sorry dude, that sucks.

Omq man that sucks "/ [10th! ; lOl sike]