By Megara - / Tuesday 15 March 2011 05:58 / United States
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  yamahajog  |  0

it's because she emasculated A man that made the lesbian comment make , it's a women emasculating a man which makes her look butch, which makes her look lesbian

  Cookie4U  |  0

That would actually be a girl called QwertyMcnugget, a very cute girl
at that :D ...... Anyway, I don't see this as an FML, I mean that's actually a decreasing skill. Good job driving stick! (no secxual pun intended)

By  FlashBurn  |  13

Driving a stick is nothing special, btw. though, there are things you can do with one that you can't with an automatic. Turn it on and the shift knob becomes a... never mind. Well, that's what I've heard a woman where I work say. O.o

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

7 - Excuse me? My driving school only gives me the option to learn stick shift. I don't get to learn automatic unless my parents teach me. Oh, and I'm far from masculine.

Before you comment, yes I started driving school late.


I'm an American and I think that everyone who drives here can drive manual, but not as many can drive a stick shift. so it's not because "Americans are too shit" because we can drive both...

  yamahajog  |  0

that is wrong on so many levels, what if you sell the car? and how does it look when some girl is sitting in the parking lo of dunken donuts bobbing up and down? O_o I would accept it in some manner but...holy shit if u want to have sex find a guy and leave the poor car alone, what if a fat chick reads this?????

  prinzess_fml  |  25

No but she deserves for showing off these kind of "skills" to her guy friends and being proud that they feel shitty about it.

Did she want to impress them in order to get more attention/desire?

  mrjude  |  3

Maybe she didn't do it on purpose, they just felt that way because she can. It doesn't suggest she was like "LOL YOU GUYS ARE PUSSIES BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO THIS", it just says she emasculated them. Could just mean that they found out about it and were like "Oh..." and felt bad.

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