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  Ms_ValS  |  27

Just say that it was part of the interview; a test to see how the job candidate would handle an unexpected, awkward situation with a senior staff.

Honestly, it would have been much worse if you were the interviewee. If you're that bothered I guess you could just not hire the candidate. I wouldn't recommend that though.

  dcam13  |  19

you could basically poop on your desk and they would probably still want the job. I'm glad you care about appearance but it's not really an fml.

By  MrThump  |  16

Interviews can be very hard for some people and nerve-racking. Way to break the tension bud! You rock.

Haha, how could you not laugh if in this situation. Either party.


Exactly! If I was being interviewed for a job and the interviewer farted I would instantly be more comfortable. Maybe a little perturbed by the smell but I think in general it would definitely lighten the mood.