By urrrppp - 26/03/2010 09:44 - Netherlands

Today, I got through to the phone interview stage for a great job. When the phone rang, I answered and suddenly, spontaneously, burped really loudly. The interviewer hung up. FML
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Couldn't you put down the phone for a second, press the mute button, or just say, "excuse me"? This is not a situation that regularly happens to people... honestly, if I were the interviewer, I would have been sort of put-off, too.


spidergirl41 0

lol well atleast you have SOME skills

Why would you say, "No job for you!" when I'm fairly certain it's, "No soup for you!"

yeah, OP is a moron. you can feel it when your about to burp. could've held the phone away first.

woh now haha123321 let's try to make the comments a little less lengthy, your making your comments a little long

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But not in the good way 19.. or OP would've gotten the job fer sure. ;)

Spontaneous burping? That's a gateway symptom to spontaneous combustion!

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holy shit!! learn to control urself if u want a job dumbass

yeah cuz everyone randomly burps whenevr they pick up the phone gosh

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YDI for not being able to control your own bodily functions

if it was me, you would be hired, burping girls are hot.

LoL... The OP just burbs and then waits for a reply... Ya that might be part of the problem

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Lol! I love it! Thats exactly why I know it, OP your a piggy! lol

that sucks .... how would the interviewer know that it was you who answered and not a roommate or something?

I've interviewed people that have done this, or something similar, without warning or apology. They don't get hired.

You scared him off with a LOUD BURP!

You have a very keen sense of the obvious.

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I don't remember anyone paging Captain Obvious. Though apparently someone paged Dr. ******. :P

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Call back, and apologize because your "cousin" picked up the phone.

today an interviewee gave a very loud burp and didn't apologized! fhl

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Spontaneously? I've never burped not knowing it was coming or not able to stifle it. I bet it's just something you do all the time without even thinking about it. YDI.

youthink so, huh? My bet is that the OP just put that there so people wouldn't say, "How did you not feel it coming?"

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It could've been much more worse than a spontaneous burp. Hell, you could've spontaneously combusted... ...Or better yet, spontaneously came. Just saying.

much "more worse"? are you 12? or was your English teacher dyslexic?

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Oh No! It Be TeH gRaMmAr PoLeEcE! TeH gIg BeE uP! CoVeR yOu-ArE rEaRs, BeFoRe It GeT mUcH mOrE wOrSe DaN dIs!

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I like how he spelled grammar correctly...

Isn't "much more worse" correct? snickerdoodles? Where are you?

#33 worse already means "more bad", so there's no such thing as much more worse. it goes bad - worse - worst just like good - better - best. and yes as much as I hate snickerdoodles, sometimes she's right, especially when someone is being a smartass while using bad grammar.