By future teacher - 09/07/2015 06:21 - Paraguay - Fernando De La Mora

Today, I was observing a children's class as a part of a training program. The teacher asked me to take one kid to the nurse's office because she wasn't feeling well. As soon as we step outside, I slip and fall down, taking the little girl with me. FML
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youngmessi252525 20

You aren't supposed to let the children down


Ouch. Gotta watch where you are walking.

Either way, if the floor is wet or if the OP has shoes that don't have traction (especially on stick-tile flooring or something of the like), it's best to be extra careful.

youngmessi252525 20

You aren't supposed to let the children down

FalloutScrolls 25

Hope you're both OK! Accidents happen.

I reckon this was more of a KO than an OK situation

mds9986 24

Be more careful around kids.

That's that I call a lose lose situation, the girl gets more hurt and you get embarrassment and guilt for what happened to the girl. FYL

does you even grammar? naw this is a win win: girl gets to skip class and OP can have an FML (this comment is a joke so don't take it seriously)

Do they teach walking in Masters of Education programs? Perhaps they should.

mikeman1744 18

Well now she probably feels worse

However bad this seems or could've been, mistakes happen. Unless the worst happened, (actual harm coming to the girl) it's not the end of the world. :)