By deadbeatdad - 15/11/2015 22:35 - United States - Edmond

Today, I popped two tires hitting a curb. I called my dad hysterical, and he told me to call my mom and hung up. My mom's been dead for seven years. FML
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Wtf is wrong with your dad?

AAA is very helpful. Sorry that your dads an idiot.


Wtf is wrong with your dad?

He's been mixing dad jokes with black magic. Unfortunately, there is no turning back from this dark road.

Seriously what a fucked up thing to say

Call up the insurance and they will send somebody to help.

AAA is very helpful. Sorry that your dads an idiot.

Sorry for your loss OP. Hope everything's going well..

Ur dad is mentally unstable.

All you can do is call the break down people, sorry your dad was no help :(

the break down people??

You don't want them. Call the fixer upper guy.

mom you don't know about...may be?

OP is talking something quite serious...and there's no need to make fun of his/her dead mum by blaming his father of fucking around. Be a little sensitive and a little human.

I think it may have been a legitimate suggestion. What if the dad is seeing someone and that's the way of breaking it to her and expecting her to call her "mom" Dads an asshole either way.

Jeeze did he forget or something? Lol that sucks OP hopefully you'll get the new tires soon and without much hassle

Call him back and ask if he has a ouiji board.

He'd probably tell OP to ask mom.

Insensitive twat.