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By  BWill9014  |  4

I don't see how you could be so nervous that you forget to lock the door... just sayin man and did someone walk in on you? or did you realize you didn't lock it and do the good old pants on the ground butt waddle as you made your way to lock the door

  fthku  |  13

You can't scoop it up with a spoon, it's gotta come straight from the body, bacteria free. (At least bacteria not related to your body free)
I've done this a couple of times and honestly this is really not hard. Like at all.
Use a glove, stick that thing under there and shoot!
Also, I wouldn't suggest opening it up later. Nothing smells worse than shit that's been in a VERY small container and then re-opened. Worse than any shit you'd run into in the wild that stuff is!

By  aback  |  4

Shut off the water to the toilet. Flush twice so the tank drains and doesn't refill. Spread a plastic garbage bag in the bowl. Lower the seat. Take a dump. Scoop some poop with something disposable.

Never try to exist out in the wild.

By  alfigel  |  0

That's why Germans invented toilets for stool inspection where you can crap on a practically flat surface that makes it easier to later pick your specimen e.g. with a small spoon.

By  Ninjafriends  |  1

Be sure to use sphincter control. You don't want it to overflow onto your hand as you hold the cup. It's not like soft serve ice cream, where you actually want a bit extra.