By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I flew my girlfriend to Paris for our one year anniversary. Little did I know that instead of going up the Eiffel Tower and over looking the most romantic city she would rather spend it in bed with a French man. FML
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  genius_man16  |  0

#31 has the right idea

Leave her with that asshole frenchman. That'll teach her to cheat on people.

God what a bitch. I really, really, really hope you left her there.

And if you're worried about wasting money on an extra ticket, just hook up with a french girl and bring her back to America. Problem solved ;)

  Vorock  |  0

Ugh, I doubt that guy was French. French guys, are sexy, romantic and wild, BUT WILL NEVER do such acts. They have brains unlike the rest of the world and are actually nice and think about others.

  effyoubitch  |  5

Wow 55 definitely not true. I'm pretty fucking independent. I have my own shit on top of being a single mother without even getting child support so go fuck yourself.

By  hi_derrrr  |  0

wait... you and her went, or just she went? sorry if i sound dumb, but it says "i flew my girlfriend out" which generally means only she went... which, in retrospect, is a bit dumb. lol.

By  evangldbrg  |  0

(With french accent) Le huh huh huh
Also, a good way to get back at her - leave her there when you go back home. If she likes France so much (apparently the guys there as well) she wouldn't mind staying.