By Beth - 13/04/2012 14:12 - Australia - Perth

Today, my fiancé's mother tried to arrange a marriage for him to a nice Indian girl, again. We've been engaged for a year, and the wedding is in a month. FML
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notjustanybody20 9

indian parents almost never. appreciate inter racial marraiges! i am indian, & trust me we have to go through a lot of this drama! tell your bf's mom that her son wont find another girl like you!


blackheart24 10

Let me be the one to say it: What a BITCH. I hate when parents try to interfere. Unless OP is a psycho lunatic bitch who is really wrong for the guy, the mom has no right to do that, especially when they are already engaged.

I mean really, the mother had no right to interfere anyway. The guy has the right to marry a psycho bitch if he really wants to.

blackheart24 10

Yes, but its also forgivable for a mother to be concerned about who their son is dating, solely because she is his mother and she has the right to show concern ya know? I mean, if it was my kid marrying somebody I didn't like (for instance a drug addict or somebody with a history of cheating), I would probably show some concern. But doing this is extreme and totally uncalled for.

It seems to me like a month before the wedding is a little late to be expressing concerns.

DKjazz 20

The FML says "again". This is probably not the first time this has happened.

alliewillie 22

Your fiance's name is not Rajesh Koothrapoli is it?

48, if that was the case the future mother in law is the least of her problems, others come to mind such as Rajesh being constantly drunk.

The only thing that made me believe that this FML is true is the "Indian" adjective in front of the word mother.

LoveMay 10

Well OP, time to get married!

OP's fiancée would be the biggest pussy if he listened to his delusional mother.

At least they try to keep the traditions alive? :) But even though it's tradition, you could have spoken with her about it ^^ But it looks like your boyfriend are not suspicious at all, and that's good!:)

MerrikBarbarian 9

Actually this is not tradition. Traditional Indian marriage the parents place an ad in the paper and interview multiple women and narrow it down to a few who the man dates and decides from. If the man finds someone on their own, they marry them and parents don't worry about arranging a marriage. Op's mother in law is just racist.

RedPillSucks 31

Typical example of "NO BMW"

ChuckNorrisBeard 0

Maybe this is a sign from her that she doesn't like you very much.

siickman 7

I think she much just want him to follow the tradition or something.. But hating her could be it too lol

Redoxx_fml 22

Put that in a hookah and smoke it

And to think you have to start being nice to her...

notjustanybody20 9

indian parents almost never. appreciate inter racial marraiges! i am indian, & trust me we have to go through a lot of this drama! tell your bf's mom that her son wont find another girl like you!

BeThePanda 1

Sadly, that's exactly what the boyfriend's mom is looking for.

abceasyas123abc 12

I hate when I read stuff like this because it misrepresents a significant proportion of Indians. My parents have absolutely no issue with me dating outside my race and a whole lot of people (both male and female) in our community have gone on to have inter-racial marriages (and produce really good-looking offspring). We live in a multicultural society, for God's sake!

I'm lucky, my Indian boyfriends parents love me (maybe because I'm an Indian trapped in a white body..) but the older family members? I'm white trash, etcetc.... It's hard though

TheDrifter 23

75, Indian men and white women make cute grandkids for their inlaws, definite mitigating factor. There's no reasoning with older folk, they decided how they want things to work long before you were born.

Time to elope or lock mother in law in the closet until after the wedding.

littlemsweirdo 12

Well most Indian families are not Very open to interracial marriages. Asian parents are like that too. My momma would slap me if I came home with a black guy!

would you do so anyway, if that black guy was who you wanted?

What if he was a white boy or anybody from a different race, would that be OK ??

perdix 29

Oh, Leonard, you should have stuck with Penny! Raj's sister is nice, but her dad is Babu and you just remind him of Jerry Seinfeld.