By handyjon - 01/03/2011 03:00 - United States

Today, I unclogged a toilet. With my hand. For the second time this week. FML
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why? there is something called a plunger!

try it with yor mouth next time


that's just nasty.

Yeah... That's fucking gross... EW!!!!

that's hardcore shit

YDI! You have known to buy a plunger especially if its happened to you before.

i still am questionning what the hell you've been eating..

He could have kids that stuff things down the toilet. Either way, plungers are not expensive.

yea seriously buy a plunger... I would think after the first time you would have learned...

gross buy a freaking plunger

Get a plunger?

thats just fuckin nasty....

well... stop taking massive craps

maybe it's his job

tweetbaby14 18

or maybe because they might be too cheap to invest in a plunger.

I enjoyed you're pic #2

if only there were a device that would unplunge the toilet for you...

He lost the plunger in the toilet.

Maybe OP has a weird toliet fetish?

why? there is something called a plunger!

Yeah, YDI for not having a plunger

scatophile much?

because she or he Gots skill

try it with yor mouth next time

LOL! I actually found this really funny! :L

WTF!! hahaha... blow hard?

Coz everything is better with mouth... Isn't it?

Thatsssss a very nice plunger you've got there.... sssssss..... pity if sssssomething were to happen to it...

Lol made me laugh

Sounds like a good way to start a week!

were you digging for gold?

Gold, diamonds. They both come out in the end. OP forgot to shit in a strainer?

find a 2 dollar coin?

What is so hard about picking up a plunger at the store? Sheesh. After once, you would think you'd learn...

exactly what I was thinking, the dude's a total dumbass

thats what i said when i saw your picture.