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@17 that doesn't mean they don't trust him/her. If anything he/she should take what they can getting anything in the form of trust or something akin to trust from parents is something rare.

  Mpii  |  11

I have a question. I don't live in an english speaking country, so im not really sure:
Does "i have no friends to do drufs with (or with whom i could do drugs)" imply that I have no friends and therefore can't do drugs with them? Or could it mean that the friends I have wouldn't do drugs with me?

I came to the comments assuming the latter and was surprised by the number of people who said op didn't have friends.

  sparkledoge  |  29

You're right but while that is indeed, a good thing to do, sometimes it's not that simple,no matter how many people i meet, It's hard to even just approach someone to talk. For some reason i get laughed at before i even say anything.

Who knows, maybe OP is in that situation too or is shy, or very introverted and awkward when meeting someone for the first time. There are many reasons for having little to no friends at all. (Assuming OP isn't at home all the time otherwise i guess their parents would have said that.) Although it's always good to keep trying !

By  Khaleesi_26  |  30

I would still be proud about not doing drugs and drinking. You don't need to do that to have fun or friends. And if you don't like not having friends, then go out and make some. Everyone can find a person they can relate to.