By OopsMonkey - 13/09/2011 13:43 - Netherlands

Today, for the 5th day in a row, I had to keep my 7-year-old home from school and search his poop because he "forgot" he's not supposed to swallow things like, in this case, a screw that fell off his scooter. FML
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So your kid swallows while your wife doesn't?

MaskingTape 2

What else was he supposed to do with a delicious screw if not eat it?


So your kid swallows while your wife doesn't?

I swallowed a screw once. it fame out 2 monthes later

What a great way to get out of school!

68, yeah. OP, I think your son is lying to you.

88, he was obviously lying:P What sane 7 year old doesn't understand that they can't swallow things like that?

Hey, be fair. There are plenty of people with that disorder, some even fully grown up.

Hey! Leave the kid alone...he's got a screw loose!

94: if their kid had a disorder, do you really think they'd put this FML up here?

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Stomach acid will easily break down steel and it will pass through the body without any concern.

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Idc what my kid swallowed I'm not searching his poop, buy him another screw for like 10 cents jeeze

MaskingTape 2

What else was he supposed to do with a delicious screw if not eat it?

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im screwing screws, like a boss. or like a screwdriver.

Thats actually a disorder I don't remember what but it's a disorder that can be fatal, the person has the need to stuff his or her face, you need to see a doctor about that

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I see a pattern developing here. Starting to think he's swallowing random objects on purpose. Senioritis starts young.

It's called Pica syndrome. It's when someone likes to eat non-food items; they usually can't be digested, so they build up in the stomach, and tears it open, which kills them if they don't get it removed and their stomach stitched up ASAP. OP: You should take your son to the doctors right away.

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go ahead and buy him a helmet. your child is a retard

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Who taught him to swallow random things?

He's doing it to get out of school. 5 days in a row is pushing the limit of ignorance.

He's doing it to get out of school. 5 days in a row is pushing the limit of ignorance.

No one had to teach him...he's a kid, its in his nature.

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Isn't there some medical disorder for people who swallow a bunch of stuff (particularly metal stuff) impulsively? Either the kid has something wrong medically, or he really hates school.

Yes, that medical disorder is called Pica. I'd take this kid to a hospital since it's not his first time eating things like that!

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It's more common for babies & elementary school kids than older kids because it's a developmental phase they go through. When a kid that has passed this developmental point and is older, but still continues to do that then there is usually a problem. If he's only ever done it one or two times over a long, long span of time then it's probably not a big deal. But you're right about it being pica. :) They only said it the 5th day he's had to be kept out of school. Things like that don't usually pass the day you eat them so the parent had to keep an eye on his bowel movements for a few days so they don't miss it. They didn't say he's done it before.

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Well they did say "in this case". My bad! :P

I'd take him to the hospital if it were my kid, wouldn't a screw damage the stomach lining or the intestinal lining?

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True, but what's the point in keeping him home if all you're going to do is search the poo? The screw's out by that time.

flockz 19

man flockz is killing it today i laughed so hard i dropped my phone

Hope that screw is not big and he can pass it or otherwise see a doc

I think you'd have been better off taking the scooter to your local hardware store; they'd more than likely have the screw you were looking for; or call the scooter manufacturer - Brave you for sifting through poop! Hopefully your son doesn't use this "swallowing screw" thing as a ploy to stay home in the future!!!

I doubt she NEEDS the screw back... I think she's more worried about a fricking screw causing internal damage to the kid as it passes through his system!

RainbowHeadache 2

Lol you have to make sure those kind of things pass through or the kid will have to go to the hospital. Doctors will even tell you that it's not a big deal unless they can't pass it. Unless it's a battery or something else corrosive.

Lollipop made a funny. Deaper didn't get it...

For someone with a username like "The Genius", that comment wasn't very "genius"

Why search his poop? What're you going to do with the screw when it comes out?

to make sure it's out, i guess, and not stuck somewhere in his bowels

Do NOT get an MRI for several reasons: 1) MRI uses a very intense magnet to get the pictures 2) It takes about 30-45 minutes to get an MRI, and most 7 year olds can't lie still that long 3) MRI is much more expensive than, say, and abdominal Xray 4) No radiologic study is really needed. These objects will invariably pass by themselves, leaving the GI tract unscathed. Searching through the stool is actually a good idea so you can rest assured the foreign object is out.

flockz 19

Lol #18 an MRI will probably kill the kid, its just gonna pull the screw out of his body, ripping off everything...

#31 - you forgot to mention the most valid reason not to get an MRI, you don't use MRIs to find metal objects. That's just silly.

Dexter, that's what I was implying in my first point. Sorry, I should have been clearer.

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That was my question as well.. I still don't get it..

lol, for the sake of my sanity I'm going to assume Keevarou was trying to make a brilliant sarcastic remark. Good one, Keevarou. Good one. (though it may actually solve your problem; don't think your kid will swallow a screw ever again after that) I hope the FML illustrators decide to immortalize that idea.

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An MRI would take it out for him...and possibly kill him in the process, fool.

You have experience? Did you get the coca cola bottle out yet