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Today, I was in a hurry to get something out of the oven, so I quickly grabbed my roommate's only oven mitt and grabbed the pan in the oven. It didn't take long to figure out there was a hole in it when my thumb hit the hot pan. FML
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ironik970 13

Don't ask what the hole was for...

Thumbs up for this one.


Epic fail is a fail.

Should've used an EasyBake

Wow. I feel so enlightened. Thanks, #1.

crazychick1269 7

#16 hahahah so true

Naomimi_fml 6

Know your memes, children.

It's the oven mitt fucking hole. Yuuummmm

Poke a hole in your roommate's contraceptives. That'll show'em!!!

Poke a hole in your roommate.

Should gave taken the time to find yours, trust and use only yours stuff.

Christianrules 1

Obviously a fail is a fail... Why must you repeat yourself?

flockz 19

that comment #2... i see what you did there.. i dont think many other people will catch it though so for everyone who didnt, she laughed alot.

I don't get it either

13FTW 9

Ah, flockz, I too see what #2 did there as well. Do you care to enlighten the others? Or do wish me to do it?

Thumbs up for this one.

..and thumbs down for this one...

You two are thumbs prophets!

Ouch is right, I hate getting burnt. OP should try cool aloe vera, and just wrapping the wound with a damp cloth. Not really much else, once its burnt its burnt. Just try to make it as comfortable as you can until it heals.

Somehow I read vagina in your comment somewhere...anyways, I feel for you OP! Burns are super annoying, especially when they grow into a big, juicy blister. Yum!

Something must have been on your mind! lol, I'm reading it trying to figure how the hell you read vagina lol.

ironik970 13

Don't ask what the hole was for...

A cruel joke...?

A vent to keep your thumb cool?

Beat your roommate with the hot pan

Given that he only has one oven mitt, good job forgetting.

Why is there a hole in an oven mitt?

#5 will punch you >:0

I bet he used that as a fake vagina. FYL

Hannah_grace1414 12

Awh, I'm sorry op;/