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Today, I was in a hurry to get something out of the oven, so I quickly grabbed my roommate's only oven mitt and grabbed the pan in the oven. It didn't take long to figure out there was a hole in it when my thumb hit the hot pan. FML
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It's the oven mitt ******* hole. Yuuummmm

Poke a hole in your roommate's contraceptives. That'll show'em!!!

Should gave taken the time to find yours, trust and use only yours stuff.

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Obviously a fail is a fail... Why must you repeat yourself?

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that comment #2... i see what you did there.. i dont think many other people will catch it though so for everyone who didnt, she laughed alot.

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Ah, flockz, I too see what #2 did there as well. Do you care to enlighten the others? Or do wish me to do it?

Ouch is right, I hate getting burnt. OP should try cool aloe vera, and just wrapping the wound with a damp cloth. Not really much else, once its burnt its burnt. Just try to make it as comfortable as you can until it heals.

Somehow I read ****** in your comment somewhere...anyways, I feel for you OP! Burns are super annoying, especially when they grow into a big, juicy blister. Yum!

Something must have been on your mind! lol, I'm reading it trying to figure how the hell you read ****** lol.

Given that he only has one oven mitt, good job forgetting.

I bet he used that as a fake ******. FYL

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