By FML_Elle - United States
Today, I was walking in the freezing rain when a guy asked me if I wanted to share his umbrella with him. I grinned and told him I did. He then noticed a pretty girl walking behind me and he abruptly turned to her and asked her the same question. FML
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  Zdoggg  |  4

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  ethanbin  |  10

Sorry but I'm calling BS on this FML. Maybe it's true but I've seen a prank video on YouTube of a guy doing this exact thing over and over to an unsuspecting woman

  DarkSanster  |  7

Yeah but then they would walk off with his umbrella... And its not a sure fact that the two girls were even going to the same destination. I think it'll make you look creepy...

  Welshite  |  39


Oh my God, you don't know how much this means to me. I'd like to thank my family for their support, FML for letting me post, and the whole world for existing. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  brooks10101  |  1

U say this but women dont want them in my expirience they want the dick with a dick not a gent they just want the gent to open doors for them ext to feel specal till its time to date then its show me the asshole ( )0( )

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

Exactly. But if he were more suave, he could have salvaged this mess.

He should have followed up by offering to let them share it while he walked in the rain. That would be the epitome of courtly.

  CoconutOil  |  7

I think 8 meant to say "you wouldn't want to". As in, you are better off not doing so. Wow, reading so many FML comments have made me want to make useless little corrections and explanations. I feel like I belong here now. *salute*