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Today, even though she can barely deal with raising kids, my 19-year-old sister announced her fourth pregnancy, by a fourth man, of yet another race. Why? Because she wants to "be like Angelina Jolie." I fear that social services may laugh at me if I tell them. FML
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LaColombianita 26

That's just sad. She shouldn't be bringing babies into the world if she can't even support them. Angelina Jolie has the money to do that.

DontClickOnMe 28

Wow, 19 years old and four kids.. That's too many kids for that age.


LaColombianita 26

That's just sad. She shouldn't be bringing babies into the world if she can't even support them. Angelina Jolie has the money to do that.

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I really think your sister should seek psychological help. That is not a very good mind set.

And yet something tells me she's not going to get man who's 'just like Brad Pitt'.

She sound like a contender for a Darwin award.

that's just sad! I actually pity her, and her children

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It's not a mistake worth pointing out, we all miss words now and then. Well, I do anyway.

The only thing that could make this situation worse is if she put the kids on Toddlers and Tiaras.

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7 - the adoption process is very lengthy and is also very complicated. A girl of her age struggling to provide for her children is not going to have a chance at adopting. And I agree with above comment. Her lips are gross looking.

#40 You must be a guy, because any woman knows that in a lot of countries in Africa, women are still just property and a school for women is an amazing thing. Men don't need any help pretending like only their opinion matters and only they can run things over there.

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If she can't afford to help the ones she has now what make u think she can adopt a child

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To those people who commented on her 'adoption' go back and read the FML, you can stop when you reach the word 'pregnancy'. To 81, you're spouting utter nonsense. How do you think change happens? It is precisely education and enfranchisement that change these things. Whether the discrimination is based on race/gender or the colour of your hair. Go and read some history books, pick a country, any country. / sigh, ignorance makes me mad.

thiscrazything 1

Ignorance abounds. You must be a VERY angry person.

jab7769 8

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Iknoweverything 29

81, Do you honestly think that just because someone will remain at the bottom of the chain whether or not they are educated means that we should just not educate them? Because that's pretty asinine. I'd like to point out that women in other countries weren't educated for a good amount of time either. We are higher in society than we used to be. Know why? We got educated, wanted more, reached for more, and then caused so much hell that the government HAD to give us more. Why would we deny such an opportunity to other countries? Nothing will happen for a long time, but at least we've allowed the opportunity for it to happen eventually.

its because in africa only men were taunt any form of education.... that was how society worked there....

Colonel_Lexi 18

She needs to get spayed instead, 9.

RedPillSucks 31

So your answer is to not educate them? How is that working out? Note that countries where women are more educated have less rape than countries where women are treated badly. It doesn't happen overnight, but one has to start somewhere. It is true that one shouldn't expect a single girls school to change things overnight, but as I said...

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Seriously! Jolie first learned how to act, then got ridiculously wealthy, THEN started putting together her Benetton ad of a family. If she had had the kids first, she wouldn't have had time to be successful. OP's sister is putting the cart before the horse.

34 - *Disappointed. There, happy now? :)

17 - Only if she's planning on having a vampire baby that's gonna rip out her uterus.

7- Do you honestly want a woman who can't even support HERSELF, let alone her biological children, adopting more kids? The problem here is that she's responsible for children that she doesn't have the means to take care of. And on top of that, she's having children to imitate a celebrity and to use as accessories, not for the children themselves.

Something is wrong with you now I'm coming at your neck as a history buff asshole in the early seventeen hundreds late eighteen hundreds American and English women where seen as property and when they worked they where raped by their boss's sons and husbands but because women decided thy wanted to educate themselves they where able to start the women's right movement and fight for equality now if that can happen a hundred plus years ago why can't oprah try to help women now ?

To all of you yelling at me, I apologize, I would have clarified but I had no connection. In my personal opinion, the education of strictly women won't really change anything when there is still violence, tribal warfare, conflict over diamond mines, heavy income gaps, lack of education for everyone, and many other traits indicitive of an underdeveloped 3rd world country in every single country in Africa. You need more development, centralization of power, and standardization of education in many african countries before anything can really be accomplished, and it isn't happening anytime soon.

Ok, let me explain the situation in Africa, as an African female... Beware, it will be long.. In my country, there is the city and there is the village, in the city, the situation concerning educating women is increasingly improving, more and more women are educated and learn to become dependant, there may be issues where women are asked to exchange sexual favours for a job, but generally more women are educated, you know what, these women are treated waaayyy better by their men, atleast from what I see amongst my family members..those who aren't educated and have to depend on their men are oppressed, domestic violence is soo common for those women, they are basically treated like objects of pleasure, and they have to serve and be submissive to the men, whatever men want,they have to provide, they farm, yet all the money goes to the men, who use it on stupid things such as alcohol and adding extra wives, just piling them up.. But educated women are respected and are less likely to bow down to the men, they are less tolerant to abuse and hence develop and fight for their rights.. The men are already dominant, so openning a girls school to atleast help give women an option, I think is excellent, I'm educated, I'm in school, want to be a surgeon.. U won't see me Bowing down to no man... Just God...In our country though, there is no problem of mass rape and all that though... Rant over

Tdevonner 0

Not gonna lie, I see ur logic. But the point is not to educate them thinking magically their proba will be solved. Its more about teaching them useful tools so that that ONE rosa parks or florence nighten gail who has the courage to stand up for themself can do so in a way that might gain a

Tdevonner 0

Tiny bit of respect from a man can be heard. That would be the begining of equality/rights for woman. Then years down the line when the countries are more accepting of women hopefully they wilk become more in harmony as a whole n work together to improve their countries.

Tdevonner 0

Or maybe they learnes to read at school and read a book on self defence or on escapr tactics and instead if informing said rapists that they are educated (thats what american potential rape victims do) she can just use her oprah-given knowledge to escape...

MischievousV 8

Take cultural studies before you speak. A lot of programs put there that help put women first. Why? It's because somehow and someway women take care of the community but men don't. You invest in men and he'll sound money on himself but not his kids not his wife. So a lot of out reach programs educate women how to start businesses to help their communities. This isn't a solution for all problems but some. They've tried aiding men but nothing changed so now they offer programs to women. Many things have changed. Check out the peace prize winner of 2010. How did they reach their goal? Not doing what you are.

Actually, the girls need it more. Very few girls can even go to school, as they are made to stay home and do household chores. That and many societies still don't view them of being worthy of education. And it has been proven to help societies as a whole to if the women are educated. More so than if the men are. Why? Because the women are the most active in raising the children. Educated mother mean better educated children, who are more able to help themselves and society.

Lol, why the **** are we talking about african education? This is an fml about teen pregnancy.

225- Could you be a little more sexist? How about schools for not just girls, or not just boys. You are stereo typing men against women, I've met plenty of successful and unsuccessful men AND women.

OHai15 12

she was replying to the comment above her.....

As a feminist, I'm inclined to agree (to an extent.) Although giving women access to education in developing countries is important, the priority is to educate the men so that they no longer see females as a subspecies of human being.

I went to an all-girls' school. I don't see the harm in it being an option. I'm actually glad I went to a single-sex school. It did me absolutely no harm; I could still talk to boys, I didn't suffer any social problems afterwards. Statistically, girls who go to single-sex schools actually get better exam results than girls in mixed-sex schools, although boys from single-sex schools achieve lower schools than boys in mixed-sex schools.

LudicMonster 22


Numerous studies have shown that if you educate a man, you have only educated the man. If you educate a woman, the primary caregiver in most of those situations, they will learn and teach their whole families what they know. Many families will also send their boys to school to try and get him at least a basic education, but spending money to educate girls is seen as a waste, not to mention that many families fear that their daughters may be raped etc at school and then their value as wives would decrease. The is a whole myriad of reasons why schools for girls are a good idea, you just need to make the effort to see the research and the proof.

minnx 1

Haha I laughed at 1's comment, and that is very sad.. sorry you have a sister like that op, hopefully this will be the last.

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jmashini 13
DontClickOnMe 28

Wow, 19 years old and four kids.. That's too many kids for that age.

lrgenesis 19

At age 19 for some people, even one is too many… let alone 4???

4-Think OP's sister is trying to emulate the Duggars as well. Maybe going for 20 children to set a world record.

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so true. now doesn't that make "16 and pregnant" look even more pathetic? -.-

51- Trolled softly Seriously, those kids have a high chance of being criminals and a burden on society in about 16 years

fthislyfe 22

I'm 19 and I just lost my virginity. She's 19 and has 4 kids...

BarDownDaily 12

51- Someone online? So if I told you I'm actually a bear, you would believe me.

Black bear, brown bear, polar bear what kind are you? and 87 do tell more (insert creepy smiley face)

pregnancies last nine months. 9x3=27. that's 2 and a half years worth of being pregnant. assuming all pregnancies were literally back to back, which is unlikely, she's been having kids since she was 16 O.o

MerrikBarbarian 9

Given you don't ovulate as long as you breast feed and for at least several months after giving birth... You end up with 1 child per year tops assuming single births. Either they've been having kids since they were 10 or several multiples... And since higher then twins almost never occurs outside fertility clinics... That's at least 4 sets of twins and a singelton... So she'd of started at 14 latest, and had mainly twins. I sincerely doubt that.

Tdevonner 0

Nope! My friends are 23 and 24 and were bothe born the same year! Jan 4 and Dec 13!

My cousin is 17, married, with a baby boy. They happily live together in their own house, have jobs, and take great care of their son. Being a teenager does NOT mean you cannot handle children. Have some respect, don't categorize.

247 -- indeed, instances such as the one you've mentioned are certainly possible, but an extreme rarity. Statistically speaking, the average 17-year-old who happens to have a kid (at least in America) is not married or in a position to support his/her offspring financially. But it happens, which means that there is hope for humanity after all. |the kid|

You can get pregnant again, on average, 6-8 weeks after giving birth. She may have had twins or one or more preemies. Younger women are more likely to have premature babies. At a charitable event I met a young woman who was 17 and a mom of 3. She had her first when she was 14. She then went on to have mildly premature twins (34 weeks) at 16. If she got pregnant at 19 it'd be number 4.

melissaferns 16

sorry 28 and 287 gotta prove you wrong,but i have seven kids and got pregnant within a month after giving birth also have twins with no fertility clinic but due to hyper ovulation. it's actually a thing that happens and can cause someone to have multiple sets of multiples it causes your body to regularly release two or more eggs at a time rather than one.

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boomhauer18 3

She somehow reminds me of the cat lady from the Simpsons.... Lol

Greendaycheese 12

That's too bad, hopefully she can change her life around.

I basically loathe the chick, but I feel terribly sorry for the kids. Sadly, it will be nearly impossible for her to turn her life around with 4 young'uns running around. I also have to wonder when she decided to embark on this "mission." Fuuuuck, this makes me depressed. |the kid|

Please help child services take those kids, don't let her ruin their lives.

the poor kids, honestly. they didn't ask to have a mother like that.

How sad, maybe she'll realize it's wrong after. Maybe.

skyguy89 0

Either that or she will continue to bring down the IQ of the population with her offspring.

Darling, just call! Who cares of they laugh? If she can barely cope, that means she can't give proper living conditions for her children, and that's a lot worse than social services laughing at you prior to investigating.

I think the fact that she's 19 and already has four kids from four different men is reason enough to call; there's enough proof right there that these children are not in a healthy situation. The Angelina Jolie thing indicates the sister may be mentally unstable too. Seriously, CALL NOW.

@35 i agree :/ i understand the reluctance to not want to call on a close family member (been in that situation), but you have to think of what's best for your nieces and nephews. first step, though, should be to talk to your sister first. see if you can't get her to realize she isn't working towards the best interest of her children. if that fails and she refuses to get help, then something should be done.

it's amazing how much the media affects people

Michael_92 20

Actually I find it very scary.

Guys are acting like the media affecting people is new.