By Anonymous - 16/05/2016 03:18 - United States - Klamath Falls

Today, I nearly got shitcanned for falling asleep on the job. The only reason I was so dead tired was because my idiot roommates decided to get high last night and loudly argue for hours about stupid crap like "Is it gay to screw a clone of yourself?" I got less than 2 hours of sleep because of them. FML
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It's not gay, it's masturbation XD

Well, don't keep us in suspense! What was the verdict?! It's not like I care for any part—yes, hold on Tripartita 2.0, I'll be back in a second!—icular reason or anything… I'm just curious.


toogudferu 9

Try doing the same thing to him, without the drugs of course! Hopefully he will learn it's bad.

She should do the same thing but with even more drugs. No sense trying to get back at someone without upping the ante.

would definitely love a roomate like that. just my type of friend. xP careless and free. well. not too careless.

Let's be real here... Is it gay to screw a clone of yourself?

Definitely. It's like screwing your twin brother

not if you say "no homo" first.

friedpwnadge 25

If I masturbate, I'm technically receiving a handjob from a guy. I guess we're all gay.

It's never gay unless you look them in the eye

Attacksloth 33

Well, is it?

Well, don't keep us in suspense! What was the verdict?! It's not like I care for any part—yes, hold on Tripartita 2.0, I'll be back in a second!—icular reason or anything… I'm just curious.

It's not gay, it's masturbation XD

That's a load off my mind

Taking the phrase "go fuck yourself" to a whole new level.

Here's a clue to that question; if a guy says they don't need a girlfriend if they can already suck themself off, than what's the difference for a clone?

What was the conclusion? I think in context of having the same DNA you could argue it's like masturbating. However once the clone is sentient there is immediate development independent of yourself and thus a different personality and with that a different person. So in a way it would amount to homosexuality. More interesting is the question if you would even feel attracted to yourself. What do you see in the mirror? Does it turn you on?

As soon as we are dealing with separate individuals, it's separate individuals - so the answer is unambiguously yes. I'd likewise focus on how many people would ever have sex with a person identical to them even when they *are* gay...

kanye would fuck himself sideways lmao

Some people find that watching them selves jerk it in front of a mirror is a turn on. So I imagine being attracted to a clone of yourself isn't far from that.

Well, narcissistic and extremely vain folk could possibly be turned on by themselves, so it wouldn't be that difficult to foresee someone being sexually attracted to their clone(s).

Mathalamus 24

at this point, i would kick out the roommates and get new ones, who wont break the law. (note: if its actually legal, then id still kick them out for being so inconsiderate.)

Not entirely sure why you're getting down voted... I mean, if the roommates bother OP that badly that they're losing sleep and there's a potential of losing a job you would think a viable option would be removing the disruption.

Mathalamus 24

i think i'm being down-voted because i would kick out people for being very badly inconsiderate, or doing illegal things, regardless of anything. after all, if my mom caught me doing weed, she would kick me out, even if its the middle of winter.

tarlax 11

Why do you always flatter yourself? You're getting downvoted because, uh, the roommates and OP would most likely have signed a joint lease and it's not as simple as OP just kicking them out.

Pretty much is kick them out move simple

I wish I had a clone..

Would you like me to direct you in Jesus's direction?

What if it was an evil clone who tried to kill you so they could be the only copy??

drayloon 50

Tell them to go fuck themselves.....wait