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Today, my parents posted on Facebook that they were excited that my sister was pregnant and couldn't wait to be grandparents. Last week I told them that I, a 33-year-old happily married woman, was pregnant and they told me I was ruining my life and encouraged me to have an abortion. FML
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And does your sister happen to be a teenage delinquent, too?

You can see your parents have favorites :(


And does your sister happen to be a teenage delinquent, too?

gczizza1997 15

She said she is a 33 year old happily married woman? How in the hell does that make her a teenage delinquent?

And number 1 was referring to the sister, I assume.

23, OP is the 33 happily married woman!

23, the "too" in 1's comment was not implying that op was a delinquent and that the sister was too. It was asking if op's sister was a teenage delinquent and pregnant.

You can see your parents have favorites :(

I don't see how the hell some commenters voted YDI???

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Trolls and people who click the wrong button.

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Not necessarily, #2. Maybe they just really dislike OP's husband?

But parents don't pick favorites! lol, sorry op, good thing you're old enough to not have to deal with the rents too often!

They say that don't but secretly they do!!!

SynysterNero 20

All parents have favorites even if they don't openly admit it. My parents always favored my older brother even though they don't claim to.

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Someone's not happy with their son in law.

I was thinking the same thing. The parents must hate the spouse, and hours she can still so better.

What does "and hours she can still so better" mean? I'm all befuddled :|

36 - I deciphered it as "and thinks she can still do better"

"hopes" would be the obvious replacement.

Sometimes Parents can say the most hurtful things.. Don't worry op as long as you don't repeat what they've done your child will have a better life.

oj101 33

Perhaps your parents have higher expectations for you, and lower ones for your sister? (ie: not amounting to much other than being a mom)

bandeek 30

In my opinion there's nothing more important than being a mom. Just because someone is a mom, it doesn't mean they're a stay at home mom. They can still do a lot with their life.

Most people can become parents. It's much rarer - and IMHO more important - to be an overall caring and tolerant person.

Xquisite1 28

"Higher expectations" EXCUSE ME! You make it sound as if being a happily married adult that is expecting a child a bad thing. Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing. The irresponsible , people in this world give parenthood a bad name. If a person is an adult, responsible and self sufficient and not asking for handouts or welfare.....then I say it is their own damn business and great for them to become parents. Pregnancy isn't a low expectation. It's all about the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

what's wrong with being a stay at home mom? I am a stay at home mom, and am very glad I get to spend all day with my son. I don't have strangers raising my son and I don't have to miss his milestones.

Nobody is saying parenting is a bad thing, cool down. And with you saying about the situation, I don't think that's true. It's what you make of the situation. Some well off people with stable jobs and are of age are terrible parents. Some young teenage unemployed people can be amazing parents. Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but perhaps OP has situational variables that mean that a child right now wouldn't be right. Perhaps it's concern, or perhaps they're just dicks

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They might not like your husband; or think your or both of your careers or financial position isn't steady enough for a child? If not or then obviously they do have a favorite and if it were me I would consider not letting them see my child after they're born

Whatever their reason was for saying that, they were clearly disrespectful to you. You're married and you want a family, what's wrong with that? Unless you and your husband cannot afford to have kids, and still. Take my word for it OP, some people are not worth your troubles, even if they gave you life

JadeWinter 16

Don't worry, what they say on Facebook and how they act in real life can be two completely different things.

lollypop30001 19

That's ok remember that while picking their nursing home. Put them in a rat hole. Also they don't need to be in your baby life.