By Anonymous - 05/04/2012 12:36 - Netherlands

Today, after having been told that I looked horrible for the last five months, I decided to give myself a make-over. As soon as the make-up artist was done, I told her I didn't like it, and that I still didn't like how I look. She simply replied: ''Well, I'm a make-up artist, not a magician!'' FML
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But the way this is worded, it seems as though OP wasn't being too polite, either.


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Ouch! That's just rude! I'm sorry, OP

Not only is that rude, but its horrible customer service.. I'd complain.

But the way this is worded, it seems as though OP wasn't being too polite, either.

Maybe OP should stop listening to jerks. Im sure shes a great person and beautiful in her own way. Personally i dont like girls that wear alot of makeup

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Well as the makeup artist of my dorm, I used to try so hard to make my friends look better and when they said they didn't like it, unlike the fact that they did look better and I couldn't do anything else in my power to make them look better, I wanted to tell those ungrateful bitches to deal with how they look!

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Maybe she didn't mean it rudely and that she can't magically change how u look she can just make u look better. And you have self esteem issues u need to deal with

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Maybe it's the other way around.. I mean you got to feel better before you look better instead of trying to look better in order to feel better...

#1..who exactly is telling you that you look terrible? #2..If you believed that person's BS & STILL didn't think you looked good (assuming you thought you looked fine before you were told different) then you may have some issues with A: gullibility & B: self some counseling for your low self esteem if you REALLY think that of yourself &/or are inclined to believe someone else's nonsense about your looks. In any case, the makeup person was unprofessional by taking it personally that you didn't like their (possibly shoddy) work, & making the comment that they did. I wouldn't pay them, & I'd report their unprofessional comment to management.

I'm not saying OP did this, but during the brief time I worked in cosmetics I had a customer ask me to make her eyes look blue. She had dark brown eyes. And yes, I asked if she meant blue eye shadow... she didn't. Makeup is to enhance features, not change them. If OP was asking the makeup artist to do something impossible, it's not out of line to say so.

Don't worry so much, OP. Beauty comes from from the inside. :)

Why? OP received a service which is supposed to be payed for. Not liking something isn't an excuse to get things for free. That's what cheapskates do.

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well she's right !! if OP doesn't like it,then too bad!!

She tried... It's illegal not to pay...

true story. personality > looks. Looks are a plus though

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Most of society thinks otherwise. Even if op is a great person, she won't get on the cover of a magazine. Society is shallow.

Most of society is concerned with all the wrong issues like looks and money how about poverty and starving children and racism and environment... Society needs to change =)

What is she going to do on the cover? You can't see a personality on a magazine

sigh. People still believe that? It's 2012..

easy for you to say you look amazing

You should probably just embrace the way you look. No point in trying to change what can't be changed.

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Plastic surgery can change how she looks

91- have you seen the woman who got so much damn plastic surgery that she looks worse than before? I would rather be ugly than look like a ****** up Barbie.

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It's make-up! You usually don't look like yourself, only when you are bare-faced.

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41 - Some advice for you; don't pay attention to Birdie_Sage. They make the stupidest comments that rarely make sense.

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^ lol, who is they? Besides THAT comment isn't stupid in my opinion, the FML poster said how she didn't look like herself and i thought it was because of the make-up, and there in my post was a serious response. Not defending some other posts I make but don't pay attention if my comments don't make sense.

Stupidest isn't a word *troll face* :)

"I still don't like how I look" =/= "I don't look like myself"

Oh God, not with the stupidest/ stupider shit again.

I think they took it as an insult. But i still think they should've been more sensitive. I'm sure your beautiful though.

Wow. Thumbs downs. For calling someone beautiful. Why?

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I didn't give you a thumbs down, but I'll guess at some reasons why someone might have: 1) It should be "you're beautiful" not "your beautiful" in this context. 2) Complimenting someone's appearance when you've never seen them is pretty meaningless.

The second one is definitely the reason. The FML is on how horrible the op looks in the first place, so you definitely can't be sure the op looks good at all.

To add to that 38, you can't even comment on inner beauty because you know absolutely nothing about them. You could have finished it off with "you deserve so much better than this" and really ensured the comment got buried though.

First of all. Sorry, *you're. It was mistake. Second of all. I said "I'm SURE you're beautiful". I never said that I knew they were. Sorry for being nice i suppose.

Respond by saying "Thank you SIR". See how she reacts.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind:)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." If even you aren't satisfied, OP, you need to change your attitude. People are a lot more attracted to confident and content people.

So true. You can easily tell when someone is confident and happy vs unsure and seeking approval. YOU CAN'T GET FROM SOMEONE ELSE WHAT YOU DON'T GIVE TO YOURSELF. Give yourself approval. Know you're worth it. Take care of yourself and tell yourself you're sexy.

Hey OP! Post a link to some pictures of you and maybe we can give you some constructive critism. It's true you should love yourself on the inside, but there's nothing wrong with making yourself pretty on the outside! If I were you, identify some of the things that you aren't happy with and if it's possible to change them (without surgery) then go on youtube and learn how to do it yourself! Screw make-up artists. But I'd be happy to give you some pointers, I've just recently gotten more into make-up and the like. It's fun! :]

You need more of a Samantha Brick mentality.

Is that the woman that complains how horrible her life is for being so beautiful when at best she is average.

Yeah she's a free lance British writer who wrote an article about how terrible woman treat her because she is "beautiful" when indeed, at best, she is average.

I didn't think she was average, I thought she was actually really ugly...

Her attitude is disgusting and make her even more fugly:] She's probably lying to make her husband jelly

But jelly is like a dollar at the supermarket. You just add water. She was going about it all wrong.