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  WeirdUS  |  29

It's not mind reading it's nonverbal cues. If she was in that much pain I'm sure there is a difference in the way she sounded that should've been a clue.she may have been in enough pain where she couldn't say stop meanwhile she still getting railed yelling stop may not of been a possibility try fingering a girl while she's on the phone see how well she keeps her concentration know apply that to the situation

  Danne696  |  14

#24 She sneezed. Assuming OP didn't scream it would be hard to figure out she was in pain due to a sneeze. Or he could just be a sadist that loves the fact that OP was in pain, but I'm a optimist so I'm going to assume it was ignorance over sadism.

By  Seeya55  |  31

What if he thought it was a new noise of yours? You could have just said 'stop' as well. Guys don't always get the hint! Although we don't really know how bad the situation was just from what you wrote. Get well!