By Anonymous - 08/12/2016 14:53

Today, during sex, I somehow sneezed hard enough to really hurt my neck and shoulder. But don't worry, writhing in pain doesn't ruin the mood. My boyfriend just kept going. FML
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Tell him you won't swallow next time. That'll teach him.

well how was he supposed to know she was hurt

Get back at him next time you guys are having sex pull out a hammer and bash him in the face with it. That'll teach him. ;)

Just wow .... I think you will be getting hammered in the end

I really hope you're joking...Though even as far as jokes go, that's over the top.

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FML staff can you like... ban this user? This is over the top

Can Anyone tell us? The curiosity is killing Someone, and No-one will be very upset if Someone dies.

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something about hammering his face

He probably thought he was doing a good job.

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Kind of sad how many guys don't pick up on something like this and think it's them doing a good job.

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Unless she actually said something, he can't read her mind.

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It's not mind reading it's nonverbal cues. If she was in that much pain I'm sure there is a difference in the way she sounded that should've been a clue.she may have been in enough pain where she couldn't say stop meanwhile she still getting railed yelling stop may not of been a possibility try fingering a girl while she's on the phone see how well she keeps her concentration know apply that to the situation

Or he pretend he didn't realise she was in pain because he's really selfish.

#24 She sneezed. Assuming OP didn't scream it would be hard to figure out she was in pain due to a sneeze. Or he could just be a sadist that loves the fact that OP was in pain, but I'm a optimist so I'm going to assume it was ignorance over sadism.

It's really sad and heartbreaking when guys don't even feel the need to stop in situations like this ...

If you're writhing in pain, he thinks it means you can't handle his monster dong!

Even if that's the problem he SHOULD STOP. Now go back to call of duty you 12yr old kid.

What if he thought it was a new noise of yours? You could have just said 'stop' as well. Guys don't always get the hint! Although we don't really know how bad the situation was just from what you wrote. Get well!

Did you say anything like please stop?

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she probably wasn't able too if it was hurting that bad and he was still going at it.